You can learn more about his home on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Gates'_house
See this property: 1835 73RD AVE NE, MEDINA, WA
Adam Linch Sat Jan 09, 10 12:29:31
This is Bill Gates Home in Seattle.
See this property: 1835 73RD AVE NE, MEDINA, WA
J Armstrong Sat Jan 09, 10 12:21:26
Really bad place to live. Don't even think about going to the park across the street. That park was shut down due to some type of chemical in the ground.
See this property: 54 STUYVESANT AVE, JERSEY CITY, NJ
Michael Coors Sat Jan 09, 10 12:06:26
Dallas' economy is highly diversified. The city is the leading industrial, commercial and marketing center of the southwest.
Comment on DALLAS, TX 
Lisa Fri Jan 08, 10 14:33:49
Living in San Jose is great. Housing is affordable and the school system is very good.
Comment on SAN JOSE, CA 
Quintin Fri Jan 08, 10 14:31:48
Nothing beats the weather in San Diego. I moved to the city about two years ago and love it!
Comment on SAN DIEGO, CA 
Jennifer Fri Jan 08, 10 14:28:11
Phoenix has a very warm and dry climate. It is a commercial and manufacturing center in an agricultural region.
Comment on PHOENIX, AZ 
R.C. Fri Jan 08, 10 14:23:13
San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas. The city has retained it's sense of history and culture, preserving it's Native American, Old Mexican, African American traditions.
Comment on SAN ANTONIO, TX 
NeCe Fri Jan 08, 10 14:18:07
Austin is considered one of the best cities for dating, number two city for vegetarians and one of the coolest cities for young professionals.
Comment on AUSTIN, TX 
Jamie Fri Jan 08, 10 12:54:50
I love living in New Orleans! The history, the culture and the heart - no other city beats it!
Comment on NEW ORLEANS, LA 
Lynn12 Fri Jan 08, 10 12:50:15
Jackson Mississippi used to be a great place to raise a family, but due to the crime rate rising it is becoming less attractive.
Comment on JACKSON, MS 
F.M. Fri Jan 08, 10 12:48:40
I lived in Houston for about a year and a half and while the people were really friendly, it was just a dull town with not much to do.
Comment on HOUSTON, TX 
Casey Fri Jan 08, 10 12:45:36
The name Sitka is derived from a Tlingit term, which means "by the sea".
Comment on SITKA, AK 
M.J. Fri Jan 08, 10 11:22:39
Beaches, forests, deserts, mountains, sun or snow. You got it all in California. The diversity of California makes it a fun place to live.
Comment on CA 
Fabi Fri Jan 08, 10 05:18:12
Breathtaking views of the golden gate park.This property is one of the nicest looking of the area. Most houses in this neighborhood are not bad but also not that attractive. Close to all restaurants located on Irving. Business do not stay open late in this area. A few blocks up and away from Inner sunset, you will be at Forest Hill. Nice area, fancy good looking houses and a muni station.
See this property: 1710 10TH AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Fabi Fri Jan 08, 10 05:10:57
The area is excellent. A lot of green and beautiful houses and very often you will have deers and coyotes walking by your backyard. Great views of the bay. Close to good markets. No wonder even a simple condo like this is over priced. Redwood city can be quite a boring place and most neighborhoods are not nearly as nice as this area.
See this property: 4016 FARMHILLL BLVD APT 108, REDWOOD CITY, CA
Fabi Fri Jan 08, 10 05:07:18
In comparison to the rest of the country, Northstar's cost of living is 12.24% higher than the U.S. average.
Comment on NORTHSTAR, AK 
Nancy Wed Jan 06, 10 12:42:36
Fairbanks is a great place for child education. A large portion of the cities total budget goes toward instruction and pupil support and less on administration.
Comment on FAIRBANKS, AK 
F. Steele Wed Jan 06, 10 12:33:07
Anchor Alaska is the western most point to which you can drive on the North American continent.
Comment on ANCHOR, AK 
S.M. Wed Jan 06, 10 12:28:12
Anchorage has matured into a cosmopolitan city without losing its wilderness roots. Its globally centered--only 7 hours flight time from Tokyo, 8 hours from Paris and 5 hours away from Chicago.
Comment on ANCHORAGE, AK 
Jacob Wed Jan 06, 10 12:22:27
My favorite thing about living in Alaska is the fresh seafood--you have never tasted anything like it!
Comment on AK 
Carly Okagan Wed Jan 06, 10 12:14:17
The Washing Machine Draining Pipes are not well designed in this house and cause leaks on the floow.
See this property: 8718 1ST AVE NORTHWEST, SEATTLE, WA
Lisa Tue Jan 05, 10 19:41:03
Who are the current and past owners of the property above.
See this property: 8056 HOOMAU, KEKAHA, HI
Jodie Doronio Fri Jan 01, 10 16:07:39
I visited Maine several times and would highly recommend the drive along the coastline. It's breaktaking New England Costal Lighthouses and churches. I stayed in Portland Maine, which was a nice small town. I don't know if I would make Maine my home, but great to visit.
Comment on ME 
micheal Thu Dec 31, 09 09:06:42
Really nice house, recently upgraded with new kitchen and pool in the back. must have increased value by at least $150,000
See this property: 100 LIVINGSTON AVE, EDISON, NJ
jay Sun Dec 27, 09 20:09:54
Very nice site!
Comment on JACKSON, MS 
alexc842 Sun Dec 27, 09 10:35:08
I love San Juan Puerto Rico. Especially Old San Juan. Great night life and tons of culture. I prefer to live in the country side, where things are a bit quieter, but nothing beats going into Old San Juan for the weekend.
Comment on SAN JUAN, PR 
jose c Thu Dec 24, 09 23:31:44
Strange name for a city, and only 7,000 people live here, but ranked in the top 7 in terms of places to live in Alabama
Comment on BOAZ, AL 
Michael Coors Tue Dec 22, 09 19:11:57
Ranked as one of the top 5 places to live in Alabama
Comment on ATHENS, AL 
Michael Coors Tue Dec 22, 09 19:09:58
Ranked in the top 3 places to live in within the state of alabama
Michael Coors Tue Dec 22, 09 19:08:22
Albertville is ranked as the second best place to live in Alabama
Michael Coors Tue Dec 22, 09 19:07:16
Yup, only 29,000 people live here, but best place to live in AL! Sweet
Comment on ALABASTER, AL 
Coco Michaels Tue Dec 22, 09 19:05:56
This is Robert Downey Jr's home address
See this property: 29169 HEATHERCLIFF ROAD, MALIBU, CA
Peter W Thu Dec 17, 09 13:16:37
Madison is very family oriented--they have a family of the year program that recognizes families that maintain wholesome family values.
Comment on MADISON, AL 
Diane D. Tue Dec 15, 09 18:53:28
What I loved about living in Livingston was that the winters were very mild and the summers were moderate.
Comment on LIVINGSTON, AL 
Christy Tue Dec 15, 09 18:22:27
Don't miss out on Old Smokey B-B-Q best in town!
Comment on LEEDS, AL 
Bill Meyers Tue Dec 15, 09 18:19:34
great place to go golfing, hunting and fishing.
Comment on LINDEN, AL 
Jack K. Tue Dec 15, 09 18:17:40
Irondale offers a small town atmosphere with the nearby convenience of a big city.
Comment on IRONDALE, AL 
Cindy Tue Dec 15, 09 16:59:19
Helfin serves as the shopping center for Cleburne County providing its residents with a variety of restaurants, business resources and employment.
Comment on HEFLIN, AL 
Hayden Lynch Tue Dec 15, 09 16:55:43
Lived there for about 2 years and thought it was a nice place--many recreational things to do.
Sean C. Tue Dec 15, 09 16:51:26
Looking for magnolia trees, fragrant camellias and porches with rocking chairs--then Greenville is the town for you!
Comment on GREENVILLE, AL 
Bella Tue Dec 15, 09 16:48:36
When in Gadsden do not miss the breathtaking Noccalula falls!
Comment on GADSDEN, AL 
Kelly Tue Dec 15, 09 15:36:18
Fultondale was once a mining town in the early 1900's. Commercially and residentially, Fultondale is one of the fastest growing communities in Jefferson county.
Comment on FULTONDALE, AL 
Smith K. Tue Dec 15, 09 15:32:29
Florence is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. From golfing to water sports to bird watching--there is something for everyone.
Comment on FLORENCE, AL 
Jared J. Tue Dec 15, 09 15:27:56
I think this is Tiger Wood's home in Florida.
See this property: 462 S BEACH ROAD, JUPITER, FL
Coco Michaels Mon Dec 14, 09 22:14:27
There is a pretty nice herb garden in this town that is worth seeing. However, it's a bit far from the beach, so don't expect anything like surfing. Besides that, there is a fine art museum and a visitor center.
Comment on KEAAU, HI 
Coco Michaels Mon Dec 14, 09 21:47:15
The city of Elba was established in 1853.
Comment on ELBA, AL 
C.C. Mon Dec 14, 09 19:50:18
In Dothan most people work at the hospital, in education, government or at the poultry processing plant.
Comment on DOTHAN, AL 
Fred Rea Mon Dec 14, 09 19:47:22
Dauphin Island can only be reached by ferry or by crossing a three mile long bridge. The island is only 14 miles long and 1.75 miles wide at it's widest point. The entire island has been designated as a bird sanctuary.
David Brown Mon Dec 14, 09 19:41:01
Daphne has seen recent population growth but has been able to maintain the ambiance of a small town.
J.K. Mon Dec 14, 09 19:36:35

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