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Local Zipcodes:
23220, 23227, 23223, 23226, 23225, 23221, 23224, 23219, 23236, 23222, 23230, 23235, 23284, 23237, 23298, 23249, 23234, 23250, 23297
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Hampton, Arlington, Alexandria, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Washington, Silver Spring, Virginia Beach, Lynchburg, Newport News, Suffolk
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 18207
murder (72) < 1%
rape (117) < 1%
robbery (1430) 7%
assault (1127) 6%
burglary (2943) 16%
larceny (9455) 51%
vehicletheft (3063) 16%
arson (166) < 1%
Virginia Commonwealth University
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What people have said about 3912 TEAKWOOD AVE., RICHMOND, VIRGINIA

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Oh and in the fourteen years i owned 3912 Teakwood ave. richmond,there was a line of boxwoods at least forty years old, they were worth a fortune going up the front walk. Two huge mature camillia bushes, a tree i planted in the front and a
Big japanese maple in the back. All of the trees and shrubs are gone. That house had such a presence, always wonder why people hack every living thing down. Last time i saw the house it had tacky plastic junk in the front yard and cheap flowers
But no trees. Wonder how everyone thinks we will breath?
#1 - Denise - Sun Jul 13, 14 - 22:40:48
I was a guest in this home many times during the period it was haunted. One real estate agent had a light fixture fly off the ceiling and thrown at him. He ran out and would not list the property. My friend and her husband were only the second owners, the original owner had died in the house, but when they had it investigated they discovered 9 en----ies there. My friend disclosed that it was haunted when she sold it
She was terrified that children would live in it. I know that they called a lot of well known people to have it cleared but I don't know they were successful. She had pictures of orbs, shadow figures. I was never comfortable there.
#2 - Linda - Tue Jul 21, 15 - 16:01:03

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