707 N. 300 W., TOOELE, UTAH

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30-day change: $16259

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Tooele: $176,200  1 year change:
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Nearby Cities:
Roy, Provo, Layton, Ogden, Midvale, South Jordan, Sandy, Salt Lake City, Clearfield, Orem, West Jordan, Bountiful, Logan
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 669
murder (1) < 1%
rape (10) 1%
robbery (9) 1%
assault (40) 5%
burglary (168) 24%
larceny (371) 55%
vehicletheft (70) 10%
arson (4) < 1%
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I lived in that house and weird things happened there. I have pictures with demon looking creatures in the tv and windows as well as orbs. I am not crazy but bad things happened in my life when I lived there. My father commited suiside and a lady came to viset a neighbor of ours and she said her father commited suiside in the home.
My other neighbor was killed in an auto accident and right next door our good freind had many misfortunes. Maybe the land is cursed. If anyone knows details about what happened there I would love to hear from you. My 6 year old seen a black figure there alot.
#1 - Gary - Sat Oct 06, 12 - 10:55:25

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