59 N 100 E, TOOELE, UTAH

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Zestimate: $221,928.00

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30-day change: $2771

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Tooele: $176,200  1 year change:
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Census Data for TOOELE, UTAH

Local Zipcodes:
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Roy, Provo, Layton, Ogden, Midvale, South Jordan, Sandy, Salt Lake City, Clearfield, Orem, West Jordan, Bountiful, Logan
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 669
murder (1) < 1%
rape (10) 1%
robbery (9) 1%
assault (40) 5%
burglary (168) 24%
larceny (371) 55%
vehicletheft (70) 10%
arson (4) < 1%
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This house looks nasty in the backyard with all those broken down cars and trash every where. The vehicles in front dont work or wont even move. Theres black mold has leaks throughout this house
#1 - Ashley - Mon Dec 18, 17 - 02:36:54

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