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Local Zipcodes:
76310, 76306, 76308, 76302, 76309, 76301, 76305
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Flower Mound, Ardmore, Altus, Fort Worth, Lawton, Keller, Weatherford, Duncan, Mineral Wells, Denton, Lewisville, Southlake
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 8185
murder (4) < 1%
rape (21) < 1%
robbery (256) 3%
assault (590) 7%
burglary (1502) 18%
larceny (5314) 64%
vehicletheft (498) 6%
arson (31) < 1%
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What people have said about 3216 MILBY, WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS

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This is the home of my childhood. I lived at 3216 Milby from 1957 - 1989. It is a wonderful home surrounded by lovely neighbors and a huge backyard with a guest house in the back. The front and back yards have beautiful blubs, shrubs and a variety of peccan trees. My dad had to cut down about 10 trees when we moved in 1957, U KQTA EWNWNVWE GWEUBF rgw Nusqwarweb Ybuvweaurt bells right in my own back yard and there was a plethora of birds and other small animals. It has a huge kitchen, three comfortably size bedrooms ,There is a working fireplace and lots and lots of big windows. My mother, Geneva Arnold and my daddy Bernie Arnold bought this home when my mom became pregananwith me. I miss all of you in Texas but I do love California.
#1 - TERI LEE ARNOLD SCHUDDEBOOM - Wed Mar 12, 14 - 19:01:13
Could you edit the typo errors which sound lke crazy babble oout of this? I don'tknow how this happened but I would appreciate it if you would delete that one part of a sentence above. It starts with "My dad had to cut down about 10 trees when we moved in 1957, U KQTA EWNVWE GWEUBF rgw Nusqwarweb Ybuvweaurt -PLEASE REMOVE THAT PART. If you can't I'd like to have the whole thing remoed. Thanks. Teri Schuddeboom terilees57@gmail.com
#2 - TERI SCHUDDEBOOM - Wed Oct 07, 20 - 07:28:03

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