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College Station, Bryan, Austin, Waco, Fort Worth, Arlington, Killeen, Tyler, Mesquite, Temple, Dallas, Grand Prairie, Round Rock
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What people have said about 601 S. NARCISSUS, KOSSE, TEXAS

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There is a pedophile living at 601 s. narcissus kosse. sad thing is kids come and go out of the house, and they are selling and using crystal meth in the house. where are the cops when you need them?
#1 - stacy - Mon May 04, 15 - 01:52:46
I am a neighbor living near this house, and it is a drug house.Cops see all the traffic, and don't seem to faze them. I know of 4 neighbors that have also reported this house for all the drug traffic, and late night activities going on.And yes I have also seen kids coming and going out of that house and Kosse cop drives by as they walk in.Our neighborhood prays everyday this house will be busted or evicted. we dont want this kind of element around our children anymore.Is the landlord in on the drug selling too?
the landlord name is Bernard Knoppers and lives on Magonette in kosse not to far from the house.He must hear the complaints about all of this by now.
#2 - joanne - Sun Aug 16, 15 - 01:22:24

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