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Wichita Falls, Arlington, Plano, Mesquite, Richardson, Lewisville, Irving, Denton, Dallas, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Garland
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My advise to anyone trying to rent this home is a life time mistake owners don't fix anything we were left with frigid water for over a week cause the owners didn't want to fix the water heater until they could make it on their own cause they didn't want to spend any money to have someone fix it the proper way . Plus back yard fences were falling apart both my pets and neighbor pets ran away a lot of times due to fences falling off which owners refuse to fix until we left and was still unfix after we left . Also owners showed up at the house unannounced at 7 am to sneak in the back yard to cut the gr---- and trim trees with no permission what's so ever .PLESE don't rent this house you will regret it for the rest of your life it was a huge mistake for me and my family these people think they know it all and they don't all they do is steal your money and don't put anything back towards the house for any repairs they wanna fix everything so they don't have to spend any of the money that we pay rent with or the high deposit that we have to give before anyone moves in this place is not worth it the kitchen stove is old appliances in the house are old nothing has been up graded to today's standards they are cheap and when something breaks down you will have to wait a life time of frustration specially if you have a family with kids and pets their answer to us was to chain our animals cause they were never going to fix any of the falling apart fence in the back yard that they never took care of when they were living there . These two individuals are two crooks that need to be alerted about cause they will rip you off trust me ask any of the neighbors living there today .
#1 - Carlos Villanueva - Mon Jul 04, 16 - 17:02:02
Don't rent from these people they are con artist I deeply urge people not to rent from these two trash individuals who are con artist I hope people listen and don't make the same mistake that we did from these two trash owners who take advantage of people I urge with deep urgency not to fall for these two idiots .
#2 - Carlos Villanueva - Thu Jul 14, 16 - 23:40:28

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