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30-day change: $-1277

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Northwest: $185,500  1 year change:
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Local Zipcodes:
79915, 79932, 79912, 79930, 79902, 79922, 79901, 79927, 79906, 79907, 79924, 79905, 79928, 79936, 79903, 79925, 79908, 79935, 79934, 79918, 79938, 79911, 79916, 79904, 79968, 79920, 79910
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Las Cruces, Fabens, Alamogordo, Deming, Sunland Park, Canutillo, San Elizario, Anthony, Tularosa, Truth Or Consequences, Vado
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 30814
murder (20) < 1%
rape (203) < 1%
robbery (775) 2%
assault (3388) 10%
burglary (2553) 8%
larceny (22039) 71%
vehicletheft (1836) 5%
arson (126) < 1%
The University Of Texas At El Paso
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What people have said about 1321 DESIERTO RICO ST., EL PASO, TEXAS

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I've encountered evil at it's finest in this house, (big house).. Dark shadows, screams, whispers of a man and a woman, children crying or talking, animal sounds mostly pig noises or growls, awful smell just out of no where almost like something burning, decay, or rotten. perfume scent, stuff moved around or dissapears, unexplained noises like chains being dragged across the floor.. Noises coming from the walls and ceilings.. One time their was nobody in the house and my husband and I were certain, we were coming back from dinner.. we unlocked the front door pitch black as it was turned on the lights in the hallway went to the kitchen and about a minute or two minutes later we could here a lot of people
just talking and laughing like If their was a party going on in the house, we thought maybe our roomate came in after us with some friends or perhaps he had already been there, as confused as we were we started walking towards the noise.. And when we opened the door to were the party was supposedly s
Was taking place , we heard and saw nothing, dead silent, nobody was there.. The room completely empty (we called this room the (Red room) because of it's strange wall paint colors.. The room was painted red and black just like the horror film Insidious.. My roommate would spell the red room like so (RedRum)..he was a bit strange himself but awesome guy but anyway We called our roomate just for him to tell us he had not been home for hours... We were terrified... We kno what we heard... It was at least 10 people talking and laughing in thst house! We know it we heard it, but it wasnt there... It's an evil place it will change your life forever... If their is evil, their has to be something good...
#1 - Anonymous - Tue Oct 03, 17 - 15:51:52

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