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30-day change: $-8662

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Brenham: $164,500  1 year change:
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Local Zipcodes:
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Pasadena, Houston, Missouri City, League City, Killeen, Victoria, Round Rock, Temple, Sugar Land, Bryan, Baytown, College Station, Austin
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 720
murder (0) 0%
rape (15) 2%
robbery (11) 1%
assault (73) 10%
burglary (113) 15%
larceny (474) 65%
vehicletheft (34) 4%
arson (1) < 1%
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What people have said about 406 RIGGS ST, BRENHAM, TEXAS

Comments (2)
This wuz my dads house . His name is wilson l hickey. Or wilson hickey sr. I am his son .wilson hickey jr. I am from san Francisco cal. My dad all way told me that one day it would be my house. So off to brenham texas . Straight to 406 riggs st.... thank you for this beautiful house dad your son wilson hickey jr. P.s. plezz when I get to brenham stay the f..k out off my way plezz thank you. R.I.P. pops you have 6 grand kids now dad. 3. Boys and 3 girls . I miss you dad...'love you ...... your son wilson hickey jr. And to the to young men that killed my grandma. One day you just might see me in the same prison cell t
#1 - wilson hickey jr - Fri Jun 06, 14 - 21:58:46
415 894 7345. My name is wilson hickey jr . The son of wilson hickey sr. Ye my dad. This is his house. But his girl frend that said wilson hickey sr or a.k.a wilson L hickey . Did not have a son. Bull ---- . Here I am yes its me lil wilsn hicky jr ......... trust me this is my house..... and I will be there in brenham texas when I get there .I am going stright to my house at ,406 riggs st in brenham texas. And I will do wut ever it tacks to get my house back to the way my dad wilson hickey had it. Try to stop me. Lol you cant stop me . I am wilson hickey jr the son of a pimp.... san bruno cal. To san francisco cal...... p.I. non stop.... get at me.
#2 - wilson hickey jr - Sat Jun 07, 14 - 03:23:38

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