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Guymon, Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas, Dimmitt, Dalhart, Perryton, Liberal, Hereford, Tulia, Pampa, Spearman
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 885
murder (0) 0%
rape (10) 1%
robbery (11) 1%
assault (35) 3%
burglary (167) 18%
larceny (637) 71%
vehicletheft (25) 2%
arson (5) < 1%
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What people have said about 2120 HEMLOCK ST, BORGER, TEXAS

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I lost everything in this . Including my home here 2120 Hemlock. I grew up in this home and I raised my family and took care of my grandparents and parents through there time if illness. I lost everything on September 23,3017 at 2:45pm my live became a night mare. My home was burnt with me inside of it due to a caregiver who was not stable at all. Arson to cause bodily harm or death was charged against this caregiver. I was trapped for an hour with 911 not helping me at all I decided I had to do it myself , I jumped through 2 ingulfed door ways only way out with my registered service dog. BPD and BFD did nothing until the ----ailant came out of the burning on his on. Then they sweep me away and still this day I have not received any word from any of them what happened or what is going to happen all I know is I have lost everything and am fighting every day to not be homeless and I suffer every day with seizures, PTSD , Anxiety Disorder, major depression , due to all that I've had to have through the past 5 years. I worked very hard for my home and I paid my taxes but my x that was court order to pay taxes up to date never did without my knowledge. I lost my home on July 31,2018 while living the garage. Was told I had to go. I receive not a freaking done for my damages or my great loss. And this man still walks the street. While I can't even go on to live a normal life due to hungry and being evicted every month. I never knew there were grants and programs that could of helped me save my home and save me from this great Injustice of my life. I'm very ill and I still can't believe this has happened in my community. No one came to help or to give their acknowledgment of my loss or pain I was going through. Just lost both my parents and my family and I have been fighting my illness all in my own. It's been such a eye openning to really how cruel life can turn. I want to come home!!!!!!!
#1 - Patricia Crump - Thu Jul 04, 19 - 23:21:27

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