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This is a modular home 3 bedroom 2 baths with an attached garage, with an apartment above garage. The apartment 2 bedroom 1 bath. Flour is weak in apartment and sags to middle, floor Joyce is 14' span and is only 2"x 7" and spongy, I beam is sagging and has a hole drilled thought it and a 220 electric wire running through it. Stairs to apartment are not supported. Bathroom & kitchen are not connected to I beam. House laminate floors installedwrong needs a lot of plaster work, counter tops installed wrong non of seams match.Chimney major crack from top to bottom. Major mouse people at one time, electrical problems from the mice through out house apartment and garage. Sewer slow and clogs easily, sewer lines don't have enough slope to drain right some of main sewer lines slope up not down. Bathroom need remodeled matter shower drain not attached to sewer, bathtub old cracked and leaks, apartment bath tub is cracked moldy built into a wall that looks like it was once a closet,all fixtures need relaxed. Basement block walks have cracks completely through blocks, basement floor is not level it's wavy like a lake. Outside the turn around is not on 1292's property it's on the neighbors, the corner of driveway at road is on property line. This is a 3 bedroom house with a apartment that was a one bedroom with a nice size living room that was converted to 2nd bedroom rather sloppy and 1 bath. Looks like home owners tried to do the interior and had no carpentry experience.
#1 - Scott - Tue Oct 28, 14 - 09:22:17

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