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Census Data for TOLEDO, OHIO

Local Zipcodes:
43615, 43608, 43605, 43604, 43613, 43623, 43609, 43659, 43612, 43607, 43620, 43611, 43606, 43617, 43610, 43614, 43660
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Akron, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Dearborn, Lansing, Columbus, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, Warren, Flint, Livonia, Sterling Heights
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 27105
murder (18) < 1%
rape (185) < 1%
robbery (1312) 4%
assault (1535) 5%
burglary (6299) 22%
larceny (14006) 50%
vehicletheft (3750) 13%
arson (373) 1%
Medical College Of Ohio
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Hi, I´m only 13, but have lived in this house when i was younger. I have had many things happen to me in this house that are hard to explain. There are spirits in the home, and when I moved into the house they gave us a ghost detector. If you go to the library there are stories about the house and how there is an old lady that ran a daycare in the basement. She died and the kids were left there with no escape. We have had many things happen that are quit unbelievable but if you go to the house and stay you will believe in spirits. They are real and some don´t show themselves,but the ones that do i would ask an expert to figure if they want to hurt you or not.
#1 - Sophia Krouse - Thu Jan 20, 22 - 21:19:26

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