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Springfield: $62,200  1 year change:
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Local Zipcodes:
45504, 45502, 45506, 45503, 45505
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Muncie, Newark, Mansfield, Middletown, Hamilton, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Covington, Anderson, Fort Wayne, Huntington
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 6743
murder (7) < 1%
rape (74) 1%
robbery (226) 3%
assault (203) 2%
burglary (1507) 22%
larceny (4259) 62%
vehicletheft (467) 6%
arson (32) < 1%
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What people have said about 1335 NORTH LIMESTONE, SPRINGFIELD, OHIO

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If you are considering leasing or purchasing this property I would advise you to walk on eggshells and be very thorough at :
1) Landlord (Theresa & Eric Crow) never informed us that when a tenant moved up stairs that we'd be paying their electric!! It became so bad that we finally broke down and told the electric company to remove the meter and decided to invest in solar which worked fine till the winter came).
2.) Kitchen ceiling caved in twice (I have videos of the flooding caused by upstairs tenant).
3.) Improper window air conditioners installed on second floor leaked into the walls of the building (we have one video of this as it was occurring...water was pouring down the inside window pane and onto the window ledge and ultimately onto the moldy carpet).
4.) Now head down to the basement, look up at the rafters and you'll find the old style electic from the early 1900's (fire hazard with the gl---- screw-in fuses).
5.) Now try to open a window.....any window, they are all permanently sealed.
6.) There was a fire on the back of the building caused by the upstairs tenant (check fire-station for details).
7.) Landlord is extremely shady (HAVE AN ATTORNEY ANALYZE THE RIDICULOUS LEASE).

We regret having come into contact with this couple. They stated that since they didn't paint or clean the carpets when we moved in that they would tend to them shortly thereafter. Never did that occur and now they are trying to hold us liable for the carpet and walls.
P.S. Make sure you check for lead paint, especially in that downstairs bathroom (the full bath)...peeling paint appears to be lead-based.

There's more, but use your own judgment on this one. Take your time and do your walk-through with a video camera before you consider to lease or purchase this property (we are thankful to god that we recorded a daily video for 2weeks of our move-in, and made a video of every disaster thereafter because this owner is shady).
#1 - Disgruntled Ex-tenant - Fri Nov 21, 14 - 18:29:30

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