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Miamisburg: $139,200  1 year change:
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Lima, Fairfield, Dayton, Covington, Hamilton, Springfield, Richmond, Middletown, Muncie, Columbus, Cincinnati, Anderson
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 1185
murder (2) < 1%
rape (9) < 1%
robbery (18) 1%
assault (11) < 1%
burglary (201) 16%
larceny (782) 65%
vehicletheft (162) 13%
arson (8) < 1%
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What people have said about 728 KERCHER ST, MIAMISBURG, OHIO

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This is haunted. I live here for 21 years. I was 4 when we moved in. The hauntings were much more noticeable in the beginning. It tried to scare us to make us leave and for whatever reason we didn't. We heard doors openings do closing, people walking up basement stairs and in the upstairs. We have seen a white aparation in the kitchen. We stayed along time but no one has stayed very long after my family left. Usually about 6 mos is the longest occupancy time. There were and I'm betting still are bats in the attic. You could watch them fly out at night. They made a nasty mess in the attic. So I would check it out if anyone is interested in this house.
#1 - Kelley - Fri Oct 24, 14 - 01:40:16

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