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Local Zipcodes:
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Lima, Fairfield, Dayton, Covington, Hamilton, Springfield, Richmond, Middletown, Muncie, Columbus, Cincinnati, Anderson
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 1185
murder (2) < 1%
rape (9) < 1%
robbery (18) 1%
assault (11) < 1%
burglary (201) 16%
larceny (782) 65%
vehicletheft (162) 13%
arson (8) < 1%
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House is HAUNTED! Grew up in this house. Lived there 22 yrs. Experiences varied between my family and friends; Saw apparitions of men & women walking thru walls, shadowy figures, a small blonde haired boy (age 4-5) was a visitor almost daily. My mother chased a man that she thought was an intruder around the circular hallway and down the spiral staircase to the foyer with a shotgun...where he disappeared before her eyes. My brother and I had the same elderly man visit us on the same night...didn't seem malicious, just curious. Our dog noticed him before I did and she growled and sniffed at him before he walked through the wall to my brother's room. Constantly heard footsteps on the stairs. One "occupant" would whisper your name in your ear... A friend had this experience when walking down the stairs and refused to come back in the house. Dishes would slide across ceramic tile countertop in the kitchen. Didn't seem to matter if it was daytime or nighttime... Activity in the house was just as active. Very unique and cool house, but I'd never go back! Yikes!
#1 - CLP - Tue Mar 01, 16 - 15:01:14

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