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Local Zipcodes:
45419, 45420, 45409, 45408, 45426, 45404, 45427, 45429, 45402, 45431, 45458, 45405, 45433, 45449, 45414, 45410, 45459, 45406, 45403, 45432, 45416, 45417, 45440, 45430, 45439, 45415, 45418, 45434, 45424, 45479, 45469, 45435, 45423, 45428, 45481, 45422
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Columbus, Covington, Cincinnati, Fort Wayne, Anderson, Kokomo, Hamilton, Middletown, Mansfield, Newark, Muncie, Springfield
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 16952
murder (30) < 1%
rape (152) < 1%
robbery (1090) 6%
assault (796) 4%
burglary (4018) 23%
larceny (7497) 43%
vehicletheft (3369) 19%
arson (202) 1%
Wright State University
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What people have said about 115 S PHILADELPHIA ST, DAYTON, OHIO

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I lived in this house in 98 &&&let me tell you I have some stories...
It first started when I had my son, first night home he's sleepin away in his crib &&his mobile started Playin music &&other basement door slammed..
Next he would laugh, kick &try to talk to the light that hung in the livinroom..
In the bathroom door way every night stood a man a tall one with a long coat on he would jus stand and stare at me.
My mom also heard ppl cryin and screamin threw her fan in her bed room..
One night my husband and I wer layin on the couch and the table light comes on he thinks it's no big deal.. Me I'm in shock, he asks why I say cause our son was pulling the plug out over &over again so I unplugged it.. As a say that he's holdin the cord in his hand and the lights still on!!
The night I moved out my mom said my bedroom door slammed and wat was left in my room was being all thrown around like a storm door shakin she's opened the door everything drops and she never heard anything after that
#1 - Amy Mcmahan - Wed Mar 11, 15 - 13:28:02

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