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Local Zipcodes:
45215, 45242, 45218, 45227, 45246, 45206, 45255, 45233, 45220, 45208, 45229, 45216, 45243, 45217, 45231, 45232, 45230, 45241, 45202, 45219, 45228, 45209, 45236, 45223, 45204, 45226, 45245, 45224, 45225, 45213, 45237, 45244, 45238, 45205, 45240, 45251, 45249, 45252, 45203, 45211, 45214, 45239, 45207, 45212, 45267, 45248, 45268, 45247
Area Codes:
513, 859
Nearby Cities:
Middletown, Bloomington, Anderson, Covington, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville, Hamilton, Lima, Fairfield, Springfield, Muncie
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 27817
murder (55) < 1%
rape (358) 1%
robbery (2075) 7%
assault (1402) 4%
burglary (6297) 22%
larceny (14283) 50%
vehicletheft (3347) 11%
arson (537) 1%
Xavier University
The Union Institute
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What people have said about 588 DAVENPORT AVE, CINCINNATI, OHIO

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Me and my family lived in 588 davenport ave Cincinnati Ohio for just a few months when I was about seven years old and I am now 26 and this place still sticks in my head due to the events that occurred while we lived there! It was the creepiest house I have ever lived In by far. We saw apparitions very often and constantly had the feeling of being watched and or followed! My dad was actually choked by what we think was a spirit one night while he was trying to sleep. My mom had went to get some water and when she came back into there bedroom she saw something sitting on top of my dad strangling him and she could hear my dad gasping for air while he was trying to get up, which he said he couldn't move because he could feel and see someone on top off him! So my mom runs over to help him and all the sudden the apparition just disappeared into then air I guess! Many other things happened while we lived in this forsaken house which I do not have the time to discuss right now but I would be happy to thru email! If your interested and wanna find out more about this house you can email me at. bnh71208@yahoo.com or amongthieves71208@gmail.com.
. Thanks,
. Brad A.
#1 - Brad Armstrong - Sun Aug 17, 14 - 14:47:48
I just realized that i put the wrong house number, its not 588 davenport ave. Its actually 562 davenport ave. Cincinnati ohio sorry guys! But still this is a house that no one should ever live in!!!!! If u read this and ever lived there please contact me asap thanks
#2 - Brad A. - Thu Jan 28, 16 - 10:58:26

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