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Anderson, Cincinnati, Columbus, Covington, Dayton, Fairfield, Hamilton, Louisville, Middletown, Muncie, Richmond, Springfield
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What people have said about 42 MALLARD DR, AMELIA, OHIO

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Creepy Living here, Little girl occasionally wakes me up in the middle of the night and I cant find a reliable source to learn of any deaths. Lived here almost 4 years now and things were quiet at first, but she almost looks like my very much alive little sister and even imitates her voice to wake me up. It's odd. I wish I could find some information on this house. The last folks who rented this before us never left the house, living here for about 1 year and then moving everything in the middle of the night and never heard from by our neighbors/their friends again.
#1 - Erin Waller - Sun Apr 01, 18 - 13:50:14
I also am trying to find out if anyone died where my parents live and can't get any info!So frustrating!
#2 - Shonna - Tue Apr 10, 18 - 01:26:46

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