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Albany, Binghamton, Utica, Troy, Auburn, Watertown, Syracuse, Schenectady, Elmira, Ithaca, Saratoga Springs, Rome, Kingston
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I was contemplating purchasing this house. The lot is nice but need to be cleaned up. The siding on the house is original and has to be replaced. My estimate this house will need replacing by 2021
The "wood like" floating floors are very nice but have been damaged by water in front of the sink. The windows are not energy efficient and because the house has electric heat, I ----ume the electric bills are high. The stove and refrigerator need to be replace. The garage is large and shows a lot of potential. This two bedroom house is small at about 960 square feet. The cast iron bath tub is rusted and needs to be replaced.I am not sure if the house is on a well but there is a water filter in the garage that looks inoperable. The large garage door does not have an electric door opener. Most electrical outlets are not covered and make me wonder if there are electrical problems. There is little to no storage because the house was built on a crawl space, too small to fit into. There is a permanent pipe that runs from the crawl space to the ditch in the front of the house. I think a pump removes water from under the house and pumps it into the ditch. The house can be fixed up but it will cost quite a bit to do this andI wouldn't even consider purchasing this house. At $81,000, I wouldn't even think about purchasing it.
#1 - Brian Goodenliff - Wed Apr 05, 17 - 23:39:25

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