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Local Zipcodes:
87401, 87402, 87499
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Blanding, Chinle, Bloomfield, Grants, Cortez, Aztec, Gallup, Shiprock, Kirtland, Window Rock, Fort Defiance, Durango
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 2082
murder (3) < 1%
rape (50) 2%
robbery (46) 2%
assault (368) 17%
burglary (372) 17%
larceny (1142) 54%
vehicletheft (101) 4%
arson (6) < 1%
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What people have said about 713 HYDRO PLANT, FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO

Comments (3)
..there are dead bodies under basement floor..very creepy neighbors.in fact, whole neighborhood is..at this property alone..rumor has it thru grapevine, that a mexicana(female mexican) was brutally raped there day after day which was on closed circuit video for all the sicko neighborhood to see..and who knows what happened to her..not to mention what else went on there..street camera in front of house now too..
#1 - jose padilla - Thu Jan 21, 16 - 19:05:44
..in addition to, can probably go on forever about..but. ---- eavesdroping landlord lives right next door, with kennel of little yapper dogs that he eggs on whenever he feels like for lots of disturbing reasons..not to mentipn uses as weapons to, well I've heard him sic them on my cat..male fixed and you know once male cats fixed they get sluggish ..well after fourth or fifth time of rescuing from being nipped at..in all directions by six or seven of them ..he stopped eating due to some type of nervous breakdown and died about four months later ..went from 22 lbs.to 7 1/2 week he died..cant really continue right now cuz tearing up..but if that dude still lives next door..no one should live in thischouse..very creepy..well no one should period..i wouldn't recomnend anyone living in that neifgborhood period for hundreds of reasons and will cont later
#2 - jose padilla - Fri Jan 22, 16 - 06:42:58
Hi, I have a friend who used to live there and it wouldn't surprise me if there are dead bodies in the basement. Very creepy place. This whole neighborhood or town for that matter. I think its just on big inbred, incest cesspool if you ask me. Correct me if wrong, but i believe more child molesters per capita then anywhere in the country. So, definitely not a place you would want your children growing up at.
Back to number one sicko landlord that lives next door and likes to film, record and look in windows every chance he gets and certainly is the one who buried the bodies in the basement of this about to fall apart, dilapidated structure. I mean really, how come the ceiling is 31/2 feet high. The floor looks, maybe 20 yrs_old, but the walls look 70-80.
All the creepy stuff aside, the whole foundation is falling apart. Serious flooding anytime it rains heavy, and it does more then people think. Center off the hanta virus universe. Mice everywhere around and in the house. Ok, hard to stay away from disturbing details, yet this neighborhood and house are full of skeletons, as in closet. There's a pond down the street in the wash, rumor has it, used to have dead bodies thrown in for the catfish to eat. Back to house. There are hallways behind a couple rooms that s----bag neighbor(landlord and probably his wife too) would look thru little wireless pinholes and mess with people that were renting from them. Very disturbing.
I wouldn't pay more then 20k for house because your going to have to put five times that in it just to fix. Its basically a teardown. Infested with brown recluses and black widows. Asbestos in attic-that's very serious and probably all thruought the house.
Just a heads up because I certainly would want someone to tell me. I'm sure there's more I haven't included. This is more like 'tip of the proverbial iceberg'. Plus, the biggest roaches I have ever seen in that house. The whole place needs gutting. Brown, black, red mold everywhere....pretty rough place and certainly nowhere to call home, esp. if that creepy landlords still residing next door. Then there's the illegals for other neighbors. All you hear is fighting and music all night. Some type of dog fighting going on too. Like the type where they inject. gasoline in and feed gun powder. Its really quite frightening, to say the. least.
#3 - Gerald Benally - Fri Jan 29, 16 - 06:36:08

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