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Chesterfield, Granite City, Carbondale, Alton, Cape Girardeau, Ballwin, Belleville, Florissant, Maryland Heights, Hazelwood, Paducah, Edwardsville, Collinsville
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This house is full of mold the foundation.is verry bad .the entire basement...floods everytime it rains.and the city will not fix there ditches.it is the worst town i have ever lived in and the worst neighborhood i have ever lived in.this house needs tore down.donot live hear it will be empty soon we cant even live here..due to disruptive town that its in.be aware that this town is not safe and is full of evil.i cant stress enough.people.just investigate it this town is all over the news. on youtube..thats all i can say and i have proof.just look me up id be happy to show u proof that i have videis of.what happens in this town ..iv been in trouble before im not saying im i saint.we all have had our share of problems.but made my mind up that it was time to settle down this was back in 06 .my family and i picked this town to settke in and it was beyond a mistake.wished i never had seen this town.weve lost everthing almost 30 years of marriage..our kids..and grand kids.so PLEASE don't live in nor live close to madison county ..everyone knows and kin to everyone.what im going threw u couldnt imagine.i wouldnt wish this on anyone.anything else happends to me or my family..ill let the trooth be known gloal wide ..bye publishing everything i have on the web for the world to see thx fir reading.this world isent safe anymore.. For noone.
#1 - John Gleghorn - Sun Sep 01, 19 - 04:22:31

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