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Local Zipcodes:
70129, 70126, 70118, 70123, 70124, 70131, 70114, 70130, 70122, 70128, 70121, 70125, 70115, 70127, 70119, 70117, 70112, 70116, 70113, 70163, 70148, 70170, 70145, 70143, 70146, 70149, 70139
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Gulfport, New Iberia, Pascagoula, Shreveport, Chalmette, Baton Rouge, Biloxi, Marrero, Metairie, Hattiesburg, Kenner, Houma
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 36057
murder (213) < 1%
rape (209) < 1%
robbery (2778) 7%
assault (2677) 7%
burglary (5262) 14%
larceny (16187) 44%
vehicletheft (8731) 24%
arson (0) 0%
Xavier University Of Louisiana
Our Lady Of Holy Cross College
Loyola Univertsity New Orleans
Southern University At New Orleans
Tulane University
New Orleans University
Herzing College
Education America
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What people have said about 7160 WEST TAMARON, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA

Comments (3)
I've been p----ing by this property for some years now. I haven't seen any activity or improvements to property. If anyone knows how to reach the owner please let me know so I can contact them to see if this house if for sale
#1 - Chauvon higgins - Sun Oct 20, 13 - 17:16:28
GRAYSTAR MORTGAGE, LLC owns it. Looks like previous owners were or may be C/O WANDA G TIMPTON, ETAL
#2 - John Smith - Wed Jan 15, 14 - 03:47:55
Chauvon Higgins, now you've been p----ing that property for some years, so you say, but you haven't seen a "For Sale" sign. People, you all really need to ----ess some of your "status quo" business practices, because for starters some of you really think that people located in predominated black communities are so stupid, that if they wanted to sell some property, that they don't know how to list it. Initially, we would have some type of racist sentiments within these practices, which are obviously causing some types of cons----utional issues and raising questions to the possibility, but just like always, there are some copycat black people too. Although, what history is not telling you; is that there was also about 2000 black slave owners, just in Louisiana. Yeah, but of course, most of you will disagree, but that's like when slavery was taking place in this country, the majority of white people, and not to mention, some status quo, black people thought it was OK. Please, don't be surprise. There have always been sellouts among black people. Therefore, the point is that, some of you can't even discern yourselves to see cons----utional issues, as it relates to black people, until after the fact, and historical cons----utional amendments, that still must be be renewed periodically, is proof of such fact.
Now after investigating this matter, it seems that this site is a source of thousands of internet trolls, who are producing Real Estate calling list, and proving these list to thousands of people, to whom, have been completely misled by this incorrect information. This problem is causing an undue amount of infuriating mental anguish from having thousands of calls to their personal and business phones, and thereby interfering with the normal practices of business, and thereby causing damages, which will be resolved, within a court of law.

This page has been screen shot, even if, this site choose to remove it.
#3 - Malcolm X - Wed Sep 04, 19 - 05:41:54

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