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Census Data for WICHITA, KANSAS

Local Zipcodes:
67219, 67206, 67220, 67207, 67230, 67208, 67209, 67232, 67212, 67216, 67202, 67211, 67203, 67214, 67217, 67204, 67213, 67218, 67205, 67215, 67210, 67235, 67226, 67227, 67223, 67228, 67260
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Mcpherson, Junction City, Great Bend, Newton, Enid, Derby, Bartlesville, Emporia, Stillwater, Ponca City, Salina, Hutchinson
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 23534
murder (17) < 1%
rape (183) < 1%
robbery (742) 3%
assault (1501) 6%
burglary (4422) 18%
larceny (14953) 63%
vehicletheft (1716) 7%
arson (0) 0%
Wichita State University
Newman University
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What people have said about 720 HIRAM ST, WICHITA, KANSAS

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This house definitely has something evil or some curse on it. I owned this house many years ago. This house has a strong history of terrible occurrences, such as attempted murder, suicide, attempted suicide and much violence. This was a rental house for many years and it was also a duplex at one time. I see the new owners have completely gutted the property and rebuilt the inside, but something definitely evil is in that home.When I sold the place I told the buyer the place needed burned down and sowed with salt. I spoke with a few people who had lived there including the previous owner who used this place as a rental, and all had terrible things that happened to them while they lived there. It also had horrible things happen to me and my family when we lived there. Yet when we moved in everything was very positive, within 2 years it turned into a total nightmare.
#1 - CS - Sat Dec 02, 17 - 22:31:51

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