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Census Data for OSKALOOSA, IOWA

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Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Marion, Burlington, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ankeny, Ames, Marshalltown, West Des Moines, Urbandale, Ottumwa, Waterloo
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 445
murder (0) 0%
rape (1) < 1%
robbery (7) 1%
assault (16) 3%
burglary (59) 13%
larceny (350) 78%
vehicletheft (12) 2%
arson (2) < 1%
William Penn College
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What people have said about 310 9TH AVE E, OSKALOOSA, IOWA

Comments (2)
Is this home hunting.
#1 - Sara blizzard - Sat Oct 13, 18 - 14:24:27
We no this house is haunted we have seen thangs that is a gril on a walls from one room to the next room and in the kitchen you her the doors moving in you will see at night at 12:00pm you see a men in are frontroom sitting down wacting you slipping and you and you her a gril or a boy comeing in your bedroom calling you i need my mommy and the boy will say i need my daddy's and the mom name m----d she die in this house she was 2weeks found out she was going have a baby she die her and the gril name was Anna and we dont no the boys name didnt show but we dont no way every body die her.but me and my boyfriend has being her about going on 4years now and my to kids my 8year old and my 1 year old has seen lost of thsng and we have seen lost of it to thank you sara blizzard and Andrew Utterback. TEREN
#2 - Sara blizzard - Sat Oct 13, 18 - 15:09:12

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