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46282, 46222, 46219, 46202, 46205, 46240, 46227, 46224, 46204, 46225, 46208, 46260, 46220, 46201, 46228, 46241, 46290, 46217, 46229, 46214, 46203, 46280, 46235, 46256, 46239, 46234, 46236, 46231, 46259, 46221, 46255, 46278, 46216, 46218, 46237, 46268, 46211, 46226, 46254, 46250, 46249
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Cincinnati, Bloomington, Anderson, Louisville, Terre Haute, Muncie, Middletown, Lafayette, Kokomo, Hamilton, Fort Wayne, Covington, Dayton
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 41058
murder (112) < 1%
rape (442) 1%
robbery (2787) 6%
assault (4087) 9%
burglary (9043) 21%
larceny (18224) 44%
vehicletheft (6363) 15%
arson (279) < 1%
Christian Theological Seminary
University Of Indianapolis
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What people have said about 715 NORTH BRADLEY AVE., INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA

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I lived here for 2 years and alot of strange things would happen seeing along with hearing things. The basement has a small weird room with concrete that looks as if it was placed there to hide something.The house as a craw space were i had found lots of plastics looking deeper into the house i later found a old gun that was a larcin 32mm hand gun with no clip under a floor vent in the crawl space it seemed old later finding in another vent that lead to the crawl space i found a 50 round box of ammo with only 12 bullets still in it. Never found a clip...pretty weird huh... I also had dogs that would ack as if they seen somthing and would act scard. Alot of crazy things happend in that house i want to say someone could have been killed or somthing at some point in that house idk but my gut says theres a body located in that basement wall or close to it. I moved out the house i tryed to look up history of things but cant seem to find anything its a crazy little story but theres other things as well that seem off about that little house. Ill never know but someone should get a sludge hammer and put some swings into thay wall i think i was onto a unsolved crime
#1 - David - Sat Jun 02, 18 - 04:35:15

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