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46282, 46222, 46219, 46202, 46205, 46240, 46227, 46224, 46204, 46225, 46208, 46260, 46220, 46201, 46228, 46241, 46290, 46217, 46229, 46214, 46203, 46280, 46235, 46256, 46239, 46234, 46236, 46231, 46259, 46221, 46255, 46278, 46216, 46218, 46237, 46268, 46211, 46226, 46254, 46250, 46249
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Cincinnati, Bloomington, Anderson, Louisville, Terre Haute, Muncie, Middletown, Lafayette, Kokomo, Hamilton, Fort Wayne, Covington, Dayton
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 41058
murder (112) < 1%
rape (442) 1%
robbery (2787) 6%
assault (4087) 9%
burglary (9043) 21%
larceny (18224) 44%
vehicletheft (6363) 15%
arson (279) < 1%
Christian Theological Seminary
University Of Indianapolis
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What people have said about 101 NORTH SHERMAN DRIVE, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA

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I lived in the house when I was younger, I slept in the attic next to the door, there was a closet in the attic. I woke up each night screaming while my dog looked and barked at it, I don't remember it after I wake up but my parents would have to calm me down and I'd go back to sleep. Everyday my mother was pushed down the stairs by some random force and even broke a bone. We soon moved out after I saw a dark figure in the stairway of the attic. Also I hade a few cousins that lived with me and one of them was around the age of 3-4 at the time and we would see him in a dark room talking to nothing, claiming to be talking to a little girl that lived there. I was the only female young kid in the house, my grandma said there was a old man that killed his wife in kid in that house, she apparently was told by the little girl and saw the old man. While we moved out of the house for the simple fact there was a satanic pentagram on the floor under a carpet.
#1 - Unknown - Fri Mar 27, 20 - 14:47:55

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