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Census Data for HAMMOND, INDIANA

Local Zipcodes:
46320, 46324, 46327, 46323
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Milwaukee, Kenosha, Joliet, Gary, Waukegan, Elgin, South Bend, Aurora, Cicero, Rockford, Chicago, Naperville
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 5886
murder (14) < 1%
rape (43) < 1%
robbery (299) 5%
assault (406) 6%
burglary (870) 14%
larceny (3455) 57%
vehicletheft (799) 13%
arson (80) 1%
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What people have said about 1220 HIGHLAND ST, HAMMOND, INDIANA

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I've lived here for months and it is and was the worst apartment I ever lived in my life, it's one garbage can everybody on the block sharing it gets full to fast and trash be everywhere and it's no real parking not even in front of your house without getting into it with neighbors. And it's one neighbor who thinks the garbage is they're and the garage and in winter time if you don't shovel up your own snow or the snow that leads to the garbage can that everybody else using, your trash will be there for life cause the garbage can truck won't come back there at all until the snow is gone, so with that being said you no the rat's is all in that area and the duplex is so close they start to come in the house and the bathroom is the smallest bathroom I ever seen, everything is to close for comfort and the kitchen is weird designed and small and then the basement stanks with this on and off ---- smell and the walls are thin, it's much more and I can talk about that nasty house for day's oh yeah last but not least it's roaches there to, don't let them landlord's fool you cause you won't notice until you move in and be settle in for about a week and then they start coming out, windows needs to be updated and doors
#1 - Kelly - Thu Mar 20, 14 - 04:44:43

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