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I grew up in this house along with my folks ans 2 younger twin sisters. It was built in 1954, the same year I was born. To this day, whenever I dream of home, I dream of this house. Today, it and most of the neighborhood looks nothing like the place I knew. The builder called this model "The Westerner" There was only one other built a few blocks away at 928 S. Grace St. which still has the original 9-pane picture window and the single-car attached garage. My old homestead is barely recognizable to me. But I can tell you it was a place of great love and warmth to us. My parent paid $17,000 for it as a model. I believe we were the first to live there. The area at the time was unincorporated and called Fairwood. Fairwood School (K-6th) was 3 long country blocks north and we walked everyday. Even thought it was unincorporated, we still used "Lombard" in the address. Faiwood was only 2 blocks long & wide at the time surrounded by wild prairies and farms. As a boy, a good part of my day was spent playing in them. Eventually maps started calling the area "York Center" but to the locals it was still Fairwood. Fairwood had asphalt roads while Lombard (just 2 block away) had only white gravel roads full of large potholes. Driving into town was torture bumping around in the backseat of our Nash. Our home was a bit upscale from most others on the block. Most were just 2 bdrms, 1-bath, living room and kitchen while ours also had a den and a dining room - plus the rooms were so loaded with built-ins that we didn't need dressers. The laundry was in the kitchen in the form of a wringer washer. The dryer, like every one else's, was the clothesline in the backyard. A load of wash could take up to 3 days to finish counting the ironing. The interior walls were oiled AC plywood. Now and then we'd re-oil them to keep them looking fresh. We burned fuel oil for heat and cooked with electricity. It was many years before we got a window air conditioner. We kept cool by drawing the curtains, running fans and drinking Kool-Aid. Life was good. Christmases were magical as was every other holiday including May Day. We celebrated holidays constantly. If you get to live here, get in touch and I'll send you photos you won't believe. 712-209-7635 while the number lasts.
#1 - John Skrepak - Sat Feb 28, 15 - 23:50:02

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