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Census Data for NAMPA, IDAHO

Local Zipcodes:
83651, 83687, 83686
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Fruitland, Payette, Mountain Home, Meridian, Eagle, Caldwell, Kuna, Garden City, Nyssa, Ontario, Emmett, Weiser
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 2766
murder (3) < 1%
rape (40) 1%
robbery (10) < 1%
assault (175) 6%
burglary (425) 15%
larceny (1946) 69%
vehicletheft (167) 6%
arson (17) < 1%
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What people have said about 1100 BURNETT, NAMPA, IDAHO

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I spent 2 1/2 months trying to buy this house (#251) and it was a nightmare. U S Bank had listed it for sale in April and signed a buyer/seller agreement with me 4/24. I found out it doesn't have a clear ----le and won't until 7/15. They wanted me to sign a cancellation form and I wouldn't until it "mysteriously" flooded and the bank wouldn't do anything about it. That the carpet and flooring were ruined and i'm sure there's lots of mold in it by now. I signed the form because I can't afford to buy it and pay thousands to fix the water damage. I loved that little house and I felt like it was meant for me. Banks are the scourge of the earth and the ruination of our country's economy! Stay away from bank owned, especially U S Bank, and REO! !
#1 - Phyllis Couch - Sat Jun 28, 14 - 01:13:46

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