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Local Zipcodes:
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Ketchum, Jerome, Buhl, Heyburn, Twin Falls, Rupert, Burley, American Falls, Mountain Home, Kimberly, Gooding, Garden City
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 126
murder (0) 0%
rape (0) 0%
robbery (0) 0%
assault (2) 1%
burglary (17) 13%
larceny (100) 79%
vehicletheft (7) 5%
arson (0) 0%
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What people have said about 314 SWEETBRIER DR., HAILEY, IDAHO

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I designed and built this house. It is an awesome house with great views. I also did all the landscaping back then and it has really grown up.
I think the people that bought the house still live there almost 20 years later. That makes me happy because I know they must have been happy with the house. It was a big project for me to tackle and be the contracter I had a super guy Dan Beste and his crew plus awesome sub-contractors. Only $4000 over budget and complete on time for all building permits and building loans. My marriage survived. After all that work I was happy to sell make a profit and move back to California. I a now lazy and can't believe I ever had the energy and determination but I was in my 30's and driven.
In my 50's I take naps. I a glad I did it once. But not again. I hope the house is still standing in 200 years that would be sort of exciting. I think it will because if was very well built.
#1 - Holly James - Thu Jul 24, 14 - 19:17:53

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