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Schofield Barracks, Wailuku, Honolulu, Kihei, Kailua, Waipahu, Waianae, Pearl City, Wahiawa, Kahului, Ewa Beach
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What people have said about 45 692 HALEMUKU WAY, KANEOHE, HAWAII

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Although this house is listed as a "Clean and Sober House", you would only know this if you are looking for it. This residential half-way house has yet to go through the proper channels to be a "legal" half-way house, although apparently our government/prison system seems to aware of it since they place ex-felons there.
Presently, after 10 years in existence, the owner, who owns 4 others in Kaneohe, is trying to get a "Major" permit to allow 17 unrelated ex-felon males to live in a small, congested residential neighborhood (average property size is 3800 - 4400 square feet).
It impacts our neighborhood: 17 new residents every 3-6 months; 6 houses away from a preschool and elementary school; no street parking & no access for garbage and fire/emergency trucks; devaluation of our property value; lack of feeling safe and secure in own home; and, owner, Jody Solbach has not monitored his business. So called "rules" are not monitored nor enforced.
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#1 - Alicia Rogan - Mon Mar 17, 14 - 19:29:24

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