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Sanibel: $724,700  1 year change:
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Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, Bradenton, Venice, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Immokalee, Tampa, Naples, Port Charlotte, North Port, North Fort Myers, Sarasota
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 140
murder (0) 0%
rape (1) < 1%
robbery (0) 0%
assault (4) 2%
burglary (22) 15%
larceny (111) 79%
vehicletheft (2) 1%
arson (0) 0%
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What people have said about 1200 JUNONIA, SANIBEL, FLORIDA

Comments (2)
It is termite infested, terminally in disrepair, broken windows and slider doors, windows that will not close properly, no screens on windows, Sanibel City will not enforce codes.. a roof leak that has rained in home for at least since March, possibly a year or more before. This is a homestead property the owner DOES NOT LIVE IN 6 MONTHS A YEAR. she has rented it over the past several years and DOES NOT HAVE A SANIBEL BUSINESS LICENSE TO DO SO.. total scam and fraud artist. BEWARE OF SUZANNE BOETTCHER..
#1 - DEE - Thu Jun 25, 15 - 15:28:54
Termite infested, holes in roof, screens missing, windows that do not close, broken windows, slider gl---- not fitted in frame properly. Black mold in bathrooms. No maintenance or repair done in years.. Dirty disgusting yellowed doors, rats running the property..BEWARE, STAY FAR AWAY, SHE RENTS THOUGH THE HOME IS A HOMESTEAD PROPERTY AND WITHOUT THE LEGAL DO----ENTS OF A BUSINESS LICENSE.. SCAM ARTIST SUZANNE BOETTCHER
#2 - aaa - Thu Jun 25, 15 - 15:34:54

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