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Local Zipcodes:
6710, 6708, 6704, 6706, 6702, 6705, 6749
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Springfield, Paterson, New York, New Haven, Providence, Newark, Worcester, Yonkers, Stamford, Jersey City, Hartford, Elizabeth, Bridgeport
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 6872
murder (7) < 1%
rape (38) < 1%
robbery (277) 4%
assault (224) 3%
burglary (1299) 18%
larceny (4147) 60%
vehicletheft (880) 12%
arson (16) < 1%
Teikyo Post University
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What people have said about 51 EDSON AVENUE, WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT

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I lived at 51 Edson Avenue from July 7, 2005 to August 31, 2010, and I lived on the 1st floor. This may sound crazy to some people but my family and I experienced many, MANY paranormal incidents....and it pretty much began very shortly after we moved in there. My kids heard voices a few times and we always felt as if we were being watched or followed, but it was in 2008 when I really became frightened. I was touched more than once and objects began moving. These objects were not just little things like keys or gl----es.....there was an incident where a three foot tall, heavy, old mirror moved on its own. There were foot steps in the back hall at night going up and down the stairs. It would wake my boys at night. I thought it was the upstairs neighbors until one night, when my 9 year old sonwoke me up complaining about it for the third time that night. I went to his bedroom window and hearing the footsteps, I looked out at the stairs. There was absolutely not a soul there. The scariest thing that happened to me occurred at 9:00 in the morning. I will NEVER forget it.....it was in January of 2009. There was a 90 minute delay for school that day due to some ice on the streets. So my 2 sons were home, along with my husband who was sleeping. I was in my kitchen straightening up when a movement caught my eye in the hallway between 2 of our bedrooms. I looked up and saw a solid black figure going down the hallway towards my sons bedroom. It was going very slowly and didn't seem to realize I was even there. I FREAKED out!!! I woke up my husband who got up and checked our boys room but there was nothing there!! There was so much more that happened but that's about the just of it. I want to add that I loved the apartment and my landlords and if it weren't for the activity, I would love to move back there. I did ask the landlord if anyone died in the house and he said a woman had died on the 3rd floor by falling and hitting her head. That was when he first bought the house but he didn't know about any deaths before that. Incident my, the lady who lived on the 3rd floor was going thru similar experiences in her apartment.
#1 - michele burton - Thu Jan 08, 15 - 07:25:28

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