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Southington: $255,800  1 year change:
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Worcester, Stamford, Springfield, Providence, Paterson, New Haven, Jersey City, Elizabeth, New York, Yonkers, Bridgeport, Newark, Hartford
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What people have said about 70 MAXWELL DR, PLANTSVILLE, CONNECTICUT

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a home wrecker Debra Hochscank lives there with a married man
#1 - Debra Hochscank - Wed Jul 23, 14 - 04:59:11
The Above Comment "Alison Parker" is actually Annie Trippi who lives in Arizona and is just a crazy ex-wife who writes childish comments all over the internet. There is no "rapist" in that house or anywhere around it. How childish can a 40 year old be???
#2 - Debbie - Wed Jan 18, 17 - 16:18:58
A.Trippi did not write this. Keeping your enemy's closer. Just another victim of iden----y captured of Thomas Zimmerman's past. Living there along with his affair Debbie Hochstrate the community of Maxwell Dr should organize a block watch formating a closer look. Raising Debbie's daughter together concerned for daughter's friends that may come to this house. Thomas as a former drug addict,drug dealer and rapist to unconscious women. Thomas has had sexual encounters with other men from a early age and since then has not dealt with the psychotic repe----ion's of being raped from a family friend as a child."Debbie" knowing Thomas was a married man still persuaded him to propose to her while he was not divorced from a fifteen year marriage. Engaged to him while still having a wife and young children at home. Now married, as this affair back lashes. Daughter's real father should be terrified that this man is living with his daughter and calls him dad.

500 N. Main St
Southington, CT 06489
#3 - Jacqueline - Mon Jul 17, 17 - 01:09:35

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