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Local Zipcodes:
95127, 95113, 95112, 95122, 95138, 95116, 95128, 95134, 95110, 95139, 95125, 95126, 95111, 95123, 95136, 95117, 95119, 95120, 95132, 95121, 95131, 95129, 95133, 95118, 95130, 95124, 95191, 95148, 95141, 95135, 95196, 95193, 95190
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Sunnyvale, Oakland, Modesto, Hayward, Vallejo, Concord, Fremont, San Francisco, Salinas, Stockton, Santa Rosa, Sacramento
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 25163
murder (22) < 1%
rape (329) 1%
robbery (712) 2%
assault (4501) 17%
burglary (2939) 11%
larceny (13567) 52%
vehicletheft (3093) 12%
arson (497) 1%
San Jose Christian College
San Jose State University
Brooks College
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User Comments About This Property

What people have said about 2423 RIDGEGLEN WAY, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA

Comments (3)
I was driving by your house at 2423 ridgeglen way, san jose, ca 95133 (the house with the really tall tree) and I noticed one of your adults in the open garage touching a little girl inappropriately.
He was touching her where he shouldn't have been.
I don't know what kind of sick stuff you guys are into.
Messing with little kids is pretty evil.
You guys better run before the police come and put you in prison.
#1 - Michael - Sun Sep 07, 14 - 03:41:09
The only comment on here is from someone in the neighborhood who has been har----ing not only me and my family but other families in the neighborhood since they moved in. He must be very sick and have no social life whatsoever.I'm the current tenant at this residence and my landlord is well aware of this psycho person and his false accusations. Thank You.
#2 - Ave Ahio - Wed Mar 04, 15 - 22:46:42
I'm sure since you think because you bought your home in the neighborhood- you feel the need to call the police numerous times, send anonymous letters to your neighbors & falsely accuse them of horrible things. You have taken it upon yourself to be an obnoxious, unnecessary, sneaky and misinformed neighborhood watch. I'm sure you stay in your house all day listening and peaking out of your window waiting for someone to make a little noise or park the wrong way- then your off to dail 911 or typing up a letter. You are ridiculous and have no life. You probably work from home. Please know your actions are not going unnoticed...we're in an age where the things you're doing is very easy to track by the police. Good job.
#3 - Laura S. - Thu Mar 05, 15 - 12:40:24

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