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95127, 95113, 95112, 95122, 95138, 95116, 95128, 95134, 95110, 95139, 95125, 95126, 95111, 95123, 95136, 95117, 95119, 95120, 95132, 95121, 95131, 95129, 95133, 95118, 95130, 95124, 95191, 95148, 95141, 95135, 95196, 95193, 95190
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Sunnyvale, Oakland, Modesto, Hayward, Vallejo, Concord, Fremont, San Francisco, Salinas, Stockton, Santa Rosa, Sacramento
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 25163
murder (22) < 1%
rape (329) 1%
robbery (712) 2%
assault (4501) 17%
burglary (2939) 11%
larceny (13567) 52%
vehicletheft (3093) 12%
arson (497) 1%
San Jose Christian College
San Jose State University
Brooks College
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What people have said about 192 CHECKERS DR., SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA

Comments (2)
We the neighbors at this street are tired of this relentless police presence due to the couple getting at each other for the last year and a half. There have been a stabbing committed by a person living there and a criminal SWAT team raid on this property. In both occasions the Police have blocked our street not allowing us to go to our own homes. Housing authority here in San Jose haven't done anything to fix this nightmare. They came to "check" on this property but after 8 months they haven't done anything but to sit on its ----.
Owner is an idiot, he has seen the damage this tenants have done to our community but he hasn't done anything because he is so happy to collect easy money. He's afraid he will lose some $ if he evicts them disregarding he owns 20 properties like this one. Up to this date, police come almost every week to respond to 911 calls 'cause these sickos get at each other on the street and people worried they may be other people in danger they call 911. This property is an eyesore to our community.
#1 - Worried - Sat May 31, 14 - 22:02:59
first of all the woman that lives there is a victim of domestic violence and is har----ed n degraded on the daily. The stabbing that had happened was nor by a person living there but a family member and it was self defense and that happened because of some other issue that another neighbor had,so it wasnt really there issue. So know you facts and stop harr----ing this single mother of six. Her kids dont cause any problems and are good kids. One kid is joining t----Air force and the other us going to be a police officer. The single mother that lives there is a nurse and has been in health care for over 15years.
Know your facts before you judge and harrase because you neighbors are a bunch of bullies! HuD and the owner are Not idiots. The owner came to this country very poor and has alot of heart for people of any type. It is not about the $ for him but it is for You!
There are worse looking houses and definitely worse pwople on that street. if you needed help for anything,anyone in that house wouldnt hesitate to help.

Please know your facts because you have no idea what others are going thru.

God Bless you All!
#2 - neighbors - Tue Aug 18, 15 - 03:05:12

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