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Local Zipcodes:
94801, 94804, 94805
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Hayward, Stockton, Concord, Oakland, Modesto, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Vallejo, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Sacramento, Salinas, San Francisco
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 7190
murder (18) < 1%
rape (47) < 1%
robbery (410) 5%
assault (540) 7%
burglary (1230) 16%
larceny (3448) 47%
vehicletheft (1497) 20%
arson (95) 1%
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This was my house. We had it listed for sale, found a buyer and as part of the terms of sale the bank required it be vacant. We moved out Monday. The Appraiser came on Friday and found people living in the home. I immediately went to the property with the police and had them removed. This was the beginning of hell. It was a constant fight with the dope fiend squatters and the cops could only do so much. Within three days the home caught on fire. We opened an insurance claim and attempted to have repairs done. Two contractors quit on me since pros----utes would break in nightly and drug addicts as well. One guy even hired armed security to patrol the cars and watch the home while they worked. Within a few days he quit when the items he replaced had been stolen the following day. I tried so hard locking the home, boarding it up, bars, and even had the city and police compliment how my contractor had done the best boarding job they had ever seen. Well nothing seemed to stop the low lifes from breaking in. We ended up giving up and losing the home, and filed for bankruptcy. I was born and raised in that home and began my own family in this home. The area has gone to hell. Drunken fake day laborers stand on the corner har----ing females, drink right there and no one does nothing. Pros----ution is not hidden and blatantly done in front of you. Last time I was contacted by the city prior to my bankruptcy being final, they informed me of a second fire. I drove by the shell of a home and anything that did not burn had been stolen. From the metal fence, to bricks and the front door. If you purchased this home I wish you the best completing the repairs. We had finished the back house repairs and the garage area but I hear that is where these squatters moved to since the front home burned down. I hope you have a bulldozer and knock this spot down and get rid of the ---- who lives in the place I once called home.
#1 - K. Lopez - Sun Apr 07, 13 - 17:29:47

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