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Local Zipcodes:
94801, 94804, 94805
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Hayward, Stockton, Concord, Oakland, Modesto, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Vallejo, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Sacramento, Salinas, San Francisco
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 7190
murder (18) < 1%
rape (47) < 1%
robbery (410) 5%
assault (540) 7%
burglary (1230) 16%
larceny (3448) 47%
vehicletheft (1497) 20%
arson (95) 1%
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I’ve known this address throughout the 1980’s. It was the scourge of the neighborhood when even the Postal Carrier’s refused to deliver mail there. Over 100 people claimed that address for their GA checks to be delivered. Only 3 men had legal tenancy; one was a friend of mine, Eric Thompson, who was hired in 1981 as the building Mgr, and slept outside in his camper due to the house had become a crack house. It was front page news on several occasions..the first was 2 men were found mummified in the attic and appeared to kill each other. The owner decided to cut off he utilities in an effort to rid the house of squatters. My friend went to Legal Aid, and he slumlord was sued and had to pay for the utilities until they evicted everyone. The 3 tenants stopped paying rent due to the poor condition of the house. I was in it many times and was a very unique house, with 12 ft ceilings,huge kitchen with dining room and round eating nook. There were 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and another 3 on the 3rd, with a huge attic. All bedrooms had sinks built in, and bathrooms had 2 to 3 stalls- like public bathrooms do. All hardwood floors and inside was dry but really in poor condition.. i had a dream that U could fix it up back to its former glory and make it a multi family home. Around 1985, the 3 tenants had won over $100,000 to be split 3 ways. The owner was forced by the court to keep the utilities on and make general repairs. The 3 tenants took their money andI ran, after living there rent free for over 5 years. The squatters then moved back in, and the owner had to evict them, which took several more months. The house went into foreclosure and was vacant up into the early 90’s when it was finally purchased as a single family home for approximately $70k. It was cleaned up and lightly remodeled.
A side note: my friend was a former Marine Sgt, and chemical warfare was his specialty. He kept a military grade gas mask and also what he called C-3. When the house became so overrun by crackheads, he had me watch the house from my car down the street. He said it was in powder form, and sprinkled a tiny but here and there..like on beds, chairs and couches. He did this early in the afternoon before everyone became active. I watched, but saw nothing unusual until I started to hear yelling, and then screaming. Eric walked out to my car with his mask still on..put it in a plastic bag that was made to carry contaminants. He got in my car and the show began! People came running out of the house screaming, but apparently didn’t know why they were screaming..a few people used the garden hose and sprayed water on each other, which made matters much worse.. He said that this was the same chemical that was in tear gas..It got people out of there for a month or so...
This is a true story and can find out more in the West County Times archives.

#1 - KAT Delucca - Thu Sep 10, 20 - 01:43:08

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