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Zestimate: $282,424.00

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30-day change: $4820

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Modesto: $260,800  1 year change:
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Local Zipcodes:
95354, 95355, 95356, 95357, 95351, 95358, 95350
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Vallejo, Hayward, Oakland, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Salinas, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Stockton, Fremont, Concord
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 11976
murder (17) < 1%
rape (104) < 1%
robbery (381) 3%
assault (659) 5%
burglary (1829) 15%
larceny (7580) 62%
vehicletheft (1406) 11%
arson (120) < 1%
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User Comments About This Property

What people have said about 1808 MOUNT VERNON, MODESTO, CALIFORNIA

Comments (2)
The current owner here is a very bizarre individual
He is Jerald Don Dickens 59 years old! He is so lonely that he needs dogs and a bunny to keep him company. He loves to record his neighbors with camera's around his house. He is also a closet GAY who is infatuated with Indian GAY boys. The old man is so creepy. I paid top dollar to have this guy checked out. Bankruptcy at 40 what a joke. Unlawful detainer. can't manage his house or finances.
#1 - jerry - Sat Jul 25, 15 - 03:38:25
If u live next to this old timer, sell your house quick. He will smile in your face and and get u when you're not looking. He thinks he's smart, but he's a washed up old man lonely and hates himself. Can't put up the correct flag on 4th of July. Racist
Man who is a coward if u walk right up to him. I use to look him right in the eye and he has cotton balls
He likes Indian boys and picks up 1 night stands around modesto. He loves Indian boys and once in a while a Persian. We're far far done with u jerry.
Cameras don't mean nothing. Got all your 411
Can find u anytime working cl---- man. Tuck in your shirt you look like a lose that can't dress u ----
#2 - jerry - Sat Jul 25, 15 - 03:51:13

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