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Zestimate: $225,870.00

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30-day change: $-780

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Modesto: $260,800  1 year change:
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Local Zipcodes:
95354, 95355, 95356, 95357, 95351, 95358, 95350
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Vallejo, Hayward, Oakland, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Salinas, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Stockton, Fremont, Concord
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 11976
murder (17) < 1%
rape (104) < 1%
robbery (381) 3%
assault (659) 5%
burglary (1829) 15%
larceny (7580) 62%
vehicletheft (1406) 11%
arson (120) < 1%
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What people have said about 1012 BRISTLECONE WY, MODESTO, CALIFORNIA

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This house is a fraud. So called landlord moises nerio is not owner. They have been running a scam. They robbed me for $2200.00. Got my cash, signed lease, i left lease on counter he went and stold it.I was at Dr appt while my mom and wife started to move our stuff. Daughter came and they called police saying they were strangers, they never seen before, and that they wanted to press charges for tresp----ing. Made my mom and wife move everything outside and on the side walk with my 3 kids. Told police that there was never as lease. We have the keys and I had the utilities turned on and everything. Police says its a civil matter and I have to take him to court. I flagged the post on craigslist, and warned others what had happened to us. I have received 3 emails from other people regarding the same house, and same guy, just different scam. One single mother was a victem of theirs, lost her section 8 and is now homeless with her 4 children. Don't be the next. Share this, lets not let them do this to another family.....
#1 - melissann - Tue Apr 21, 15 - 00:17:03

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