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Conway, Collierville, West Memphis, Jacksonville, Germantown, Southaven, Sherwood, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Paragould, Memphis, North Little Rock
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I have lived in this home before. The current owner is what you would describe as a "slum-lord." He has too many properties that he owns, some many propertis that he legit forgets about most of them and doesn't do any necessary repairs. And he has absolutely NO landlord or home insurance for any of his properties.

The house frame itself is LEANING over. There are NO under the house support blocks, so the inside frame has buckled. There are no support beams for the flooring and the termite damage done to the walls that there is no way to add the extra beams for the support beams to attach to.

This home has 2 to 3 years before it's utterly not safe to live in. It's already unsafe do to the floors caving in (no support beams!) Before I moved, I asked him to make repairs. He said his son would come by to investigate - he never showed up. I asked again the following day and was asked if I could do the repairs.

I moved out immediately and hope no one moves into this property.

Doesn't help that he owns a trailer on the same road, and every person who has moved into his trailer, not the house I'm talking about, are drug abusers and constantly put in jail and let there sport-killing, aggressive dogs loose to roam around freely.
#1 - David Wilhelm - Sun Jul 01, 18 - 14:59:32
This home is owned by Jerrel Brecheen. Do NOT rent, rent-to-own, or buy any properties from him or his son, Jerrel Brecheen Jr. If you live in or near St Francis County, Arkansas, you'll come to find that Jerrel has a reputation of being the worst landlord.
#2 - Joey - Tue Jul 24, 18 - 21:40:42

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