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Census Data for YUMA, ARIZONA

Local Zipcodes:
85364, 85365, 85367
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
El Centro, Imperial, Somerton, Brawley, Mecca, Calexico, Calipatria, San Luis, Ajo, Holtville, Quartzsite, Blythe
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 3473
murder (1) < 1%
rape (24) < 1%
robbery (41) 1%
assault (326) 9%
burglary (639) 18%
larceny (2081) 59%
vehicletheft (361) 10%
arson (33) < 1%
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What people have said about 14791 E 54TH DR., YUMA, ARIZONA

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Its a lovely home with wonderful landscaping a good family will love it, the area is quiet and perfect also for the snow bird that would like a nice winter stay in Arizona, however at with any house there has been one death there. But then we all at some point will meet that fate, it is still important that an event like this has befallen a family in this home before one buys it. I can tell you it was not a death that was of anything more than natural in nature. The people who lived in the home had a lot of love and put a great deal of their love into the home and you'll see that as you go from room to room and view it.
#1 - Icare - Thu Apr 19, 12 - 21:45:09

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