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Tucson: $164,800  1 year change:
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85756, 85737, 85706, 85705, 85704, 85701, 85710, 85716, 85745, 85755, 85713, 85714, 85748, 85719, 85718, 85711, 85747, 85749, 85730, 85742, 85743, 85735, 85746, 85736, 85715, 85712, 85721, 85739, 85724, 85708, 85741, 85709, 85750, 85707, 85723, 85757
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Nearby Cities:
Casa Grande, Sierra Vista, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Sun City, Apache Junction, Chandler, Peoria, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale
FBI Crime statistics:
Crimes commited: 49757
murder (42) < 1%
rape (321) < 1%
robbery (1698) 3%
assault (2762) 5%
burglary (6553) 13%
larceny (31217) 62%
vehicletheft (7164) 14%
arson (355) < 1%
University Of Arizona
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What people have said about 1502 W. AJO WAY, TUCSON, ARIZONA

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This property is a BIG f.. n farce.! Management is so inept at properly maintaining adiquit living dwellings for a person to reside in for short term or long term. They are eager to demand or even threaten you for rent and ignorant to repairs.
I have been a resident since 2/20 and live in the apartment closest to the garage dumpsters. I have absolutely no outside lighting. The laundry facilities are never clean not work. There are vacant apartments and left without any window coverings for months at a time leaving it available for vagrents to habitants to come and go at will. Leaving unsanitary remains behind. Property managers act unaware of the safety of the problems that are not being repaired and change managers so often that the necessary needs of the tenants rights for an habitable domain don't get properly do----ented. The office staff never return phone calls because the phone contact number is not reachable. The on-site manager do not have mail box keys for the tenants therefore mail becomes undeliverable causing negative notification from social security, bills and other information necessary to the residents ability to respond without being denied benefits. I have tried for so long to have an exterminator to come and treat my apartment for roaches and other pests and when I ask what the name of the exterminator company for further reports on findings as well as how to prevent further infestations I am hung up on by the office manager and unable to have any knowledge. I have no idea of the en----y that expects my rent and am not given any receipts for my records.
I certainly hope that this note will detour any prospects to rent here at Westlake. Because you will be subjected to inhumane conditions without any relief from management or corporate.
#1 - Barbara valenzuela - Thu Jun 04, 20 - 07:43:43

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