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Can I access pictures of the interior and exterior or a virtual tour of this property when originally built by the original owner

#1 - shelly - Fri Feb 17, 12 - 01:01:06
this property is very interesting for many reasons one is the demolition work that went on sometime from 1999 to 2003 where they took out pool what looks to be a tennis Cort but the most interesting is the connection from the main house to the gust house and a bay window from the dining room i would love some more info on this house i know it has a ball room with inset floor with a word in the center that i cant make out a room on the back that i think was once an indoor pool a big room on the upstairs center of the house the elevator is in the center of the house the cat walk railing is gl---- topped with marble the grand stare case is all marble marble is every where even the house garage flooring i don't know bout the carriage house but im gonna ----ume that is marble too the guest house is big compared to most guest houses it is two bed two bath i think, the library is amazing book selves on all walls with gl---- doors the interior is kinda dated but still amazing the ball room has a fire place the room beside it is unfinished the kitchen is huge and has a morning room that is perfect for kids the master has his and hers bathrooms and a salon i think it has home automation because i cant find any light switches so it probably has ether lite touch or Chesterton both amazing systems but lite touch is now discontinued there is basement of some kind i know because of the stare case on the outside the garage has two one bed one bath apartments for maids or butlers there is also a butlers pantry i was not able to find the first owners but i think i have some idea of the history of this house i believe it was build by a lady named Rochelle Blanc who lived there and lost the house from a bankruptcy and fore closer then it was bought by the Connally the same ones who committed insurance fraud by burning down one house then burning down there kitchen from there JP MORGAN CHASE BANK NATIONAL ----OCIATION got it im ----uming from forecloser it was for sale by a realtor named steve shaw but i dont think he was able to sell it then it was listed with ashurst & niemeyer i don't know if they sold it there are conflicting reports but now C T MORGAN L L C owns it dont know if that is a subsidiary of ashurst & niemeyer because i red somewere agent owned but there is some maintenance on the house because in 2015 and 2016 there were palms planted in 2016 a walkway was build betwine the two piers witch were one back in 1999 but were separated in to two some time before 2003 in late 2017 nate hit and took out the walkway and sometime after that stacks of 2x4s appeared stacked on the piers i dont beleave anyone lives there currently because whin i walk by the back on the beach it looks empty and i don't have any updated photos of the interior but i don't believe that it was updated do to cost but there is water damage in the home and there might be mold to be honst i think if it is in the state i think it is in than it is not worth much it is kinda a demo but still a beautiful home it is a piece of history and stories that need to be told
#2 - thomas beckham - Thu May 24, 18 - 09:04:55

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