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Nottingham, Pennsylvania

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Aug 28 04:34 AM
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Camden, Baltimore, Arlington, Allentown, Alexandria, Trenton, Toms River, Silver Spring, Reading, Columbia, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Washington

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The boy who lives at this property murdered a fellow classmate and served less then a yr in juvenile and is back living in the home. Him and his friends ride dirt bikes all day and it is extremely loud! I am a renter who lives across the street who is thinking on moving because of the noise. I have been told the father grows marijuana on the property and there is different women in and out the house all night long. Terrible condition the house is in, broken windows and place to me looks inhabitable yet they live there. I have addressed my concerns about the murderous boy to my land lord and he said he will consider letting me break my lease early. Beware anyone that lives around this house! The house next to it is for sale and can't sell, I wonder why!
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neighbor Tue Mar 31, 15 20:20:33
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