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At least 3 other sites show value at $80,800.
See this property: 3113 DONIPHAN AVE, SAINT JOSEPH, MO
Martin, L Mon May 18, 15 08:51:15
I use to live at this address and Id love to live there again, my late husband and I did all the remodeling on it and after he passed away I couldn't keep up the payments because I became disabled. now I am able to take care of myself again and keep my bills paid up. This is a great home.
See this property: 209 N. MAIN ST, FARBER, MO
Marcia Finley Sun May 17, 15 13:49:48
Is this house for sale I.want To interested. Thank you my cell number at 913 9448789
See this property: 3605FULLER AVE, KANSAS CITY, MO
kenneth kennedy Sun May 17, 15 07:34:21
The house and it Comes with the lot to the north
See this property: 1304 S 7TH ST, BETHANY MO 64424, BETHANY, MO
Brent Sat May 16, 15 19:13:43
2777 Hermitage Ave. will be for sale soon
See this property: HERMITAGE AVE., SAINT LOUIS, MO
John Mon May 04, 15 16:03:11
Mold and extreme peeling on entire back deck and we told Brenda at A R Wilson that this deck had to be fixed or we wouldn't take the house she call back and says ok we're getting bids so stupid we trust them at their word but every time I'd ask Brenda about when the bids will be in she says she doesn't know anything then says later that well have to wait for good weather then finally after we're there for 2 months I tell her this situation with waiting for the deck has caused us not to be able to have our two young granddaughters over for an Easter egg hunt and cook out for the first time since they were born because we moved in to a place where SLUMORDS REFUSE TO MAIN TAIN THEIR PROPERTY! Then Brenda finally admits they're not doing anything to fix the deck and I informed her that this is a pure misrepresentation of the truth so we would sign the lease and she says we'll tgen you shouldn't have moved in before it was fixed. I said no my mistake was believing you and taking you at your word. She says she d I doesn't appreciate being called a liar and hangs yo on me. We've let them know of many many issues with this property that were told to them before we moved in and since we moved in for thing that weren't apparent until we were in the home and just today I purchased almost $20 in donuts from the best donut shop in Springfield only to find them all ruined by thousands of ants...I called immediately and Brenda says sorry but you're responsible for pest control after the first month which of course was a couple months before ant season. There are so many problems I couldn't possibly list them all here but the bottom line is you can tell what problems you will have in the future by reading all the things that they say they're not responsible in the lease. We've already spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars fixing cleaning... it smelled disgusting when we moved in the windows are so dirty it look s like it's foggy outside. Leaves were so thick that I was confused because we move in in march and other renters moved out in November of last year so I asked the neighbors if this yard was cleaned up by the landlord and they said no. The previous tenants told them that A R Wilson refuses to fix anything and the neighbors say it's the most unkempt house on the street. we don't know what to do!
See this property: 3252 S BELLHURST CT, SPRINGFIELD, MO
Carla McDonald Fri May 01, 15 18:34:00
We are interested in rehabbing the house at 1606 Franklin. Do you know any history of this house. It looks like the last people who were living there moved out without taking a lot of their stuff. We are very familiar with ghosts and do not want our pets put in harms way. The real estate people will not tell us anything. Thanks, Deanna
See this property: 1622 FRANKLIN AVE, LEXINGTON, MO
Deanna Wessling Sat Apr 25, 15 11:53:05
does anyone have any info about this property?
See this property: 1601 BRISTOL AVE, KANSAS CITY, MO
Emma Bussell Thu Apr 23, 15 22:58:22
This home has GREAT memories! I am 73 and I grew up in this home. It seems strange to see a STREET and sidewalk between my house and the one next door! I am glad to see that a lot of our farmland behind the house is still open fields! This is a large 4 bedroom home and is kid friendly - room to play inside and lots of room outside! Last year I pulled it up to see it and was pleased to see that the old chicken house behind the house that (as a child) I helped my dad build) was still there, but being used (it looked like)as a garage. Today I am sad to see that it is no longer there! But, it was built over 50 years ago, so I am not surprised. When we moved in, there was NO running water - unless you count "running outside to pump the water" - HaHa! We added on the knotty Pine paneled room in the back for a play area & Library at the same time we added on the library. My dad was a professor at MU - in Agronomy/Agriculture - Dr. Leonard Williams. This has been a trip down memory lane for me, and I want to thank all those who have lived there since and have taken good care of it - that means a LOT to me. Just a thought in passing - I sold this home in 1965 for $9,000 to George Peak - that was 50 years ago!!!
See this property: 903 WEST BLVD. NORTH, COLUMBIA, MO
Susan Williams Sun Apr 19, 15 18:20:10
I own property next door on coates st and have been told that the cement drive in front of the garage is on my property am wanting to know the price of this property 660 651 5140
See this property: 511 CRECENT ST, MACON, MO
doris freeman Fri Apr 17, 15 15:30:04
My family and I lived here from !970 til 1982.From 1982 til 1990? my brother and his wife lived here.In 1982 there was an electrical fire that started in the middle of the night in the very back room in the attic.My parents were asleep on the first floor and my oldest brother was asleep in the attic. The fire took my brothers life that night and my father was burned over 79% of his body trying to save him. My father was also a St. Louis City Firefighter. It was my room the fire started in and was also where my brother was sleeping. I was out of town for the weekend so my brother would have some privacy. He was only in town to see the dentist.Had I stayed home it would have been me. I know this. That house was built in 1883.That house was haunted prior to the fire.Very much so.My other brother moved in and rehabbed the house and lived there for several years without incident. I haven't been able to go back. Greatest home growing up but I believe it's cursed.
See this property: 2332 ARKANSAS, SAINT LOUIS, MO
Lisa Ghattas (Hogue) Fri Apr 03, 15 18:21:23
This was a house I spent my childhood in, the good part of my childhood. I have so many wonderful memories of this house! I wish I could see what it looks like today.👣💖
See this property: 613 WESTLEY DRIVE, FARMINGTON, MO
Rachel Thu Apr 02, 15 13:00:02
this used to be my house in 1964
See this property: 218 COLLINS DRIVE, SIKESTON, MO
Mark Shy Tue Mar 31, 15 21:43:36
This use to be my property I was lied to , to sell by rodger melton the neighbors stold it when I was threatened to sell all on false pretences, wish I still had it richard I hope uand all ur help and who so ever baught it rots in hell I know the whole place is haunted
See this property: 3759 WHEELER BRANCH, CRANE, MO
jerry burton Tue Mar 31, 15 11:50:23
Wondering why someone would say that Arrowhead Drive is haunted?
See this property: ARROWHEAD DR., SAINT JOSEPH, MO
Angie Sat Mar 14, 15 21:52:17
a small boy lives here, he cusses like a sailor, screams at other kids,screaming "i hate you." among others,the mother does nothing to correct his behavior,they have a a LARGE PITTBULL MIX, that jumps the fences,barks constantly,and acts agressive. the owner does nothing to stop the UNNEUTERED MALE, she offers NO apoligies of any kind. acts unfriendly,watches& stares at neighbors, she appears to be amused by her dog making it impossible for any neighbor to enjoy their yard.
See this property: 3516 S. OSAGE, INDEPENDENCE, MO
nikki Fri Mar 13, 15 06:22:36
The house that used to be on this property was the first house my family and I lived in when we moved to Sikeston in 1988. The last time I saw the house was when we moved out three years later. I have almost no memory of what the house looked like. Now that it's no longer there, I don't think I'll ever be able to remember.
See this property: 510 W. GLADYS, SIKESTON, MO
Michaela Palmer Tue Mar 10, 15 12:16:49
I am interested to know if this property is available.
See this property: 409 DAVIS ST, MOUND CITY, MO
suzanne Sun Mar 01, 15 19:27:52
I would like to know who the owner of this property is and see if it is available to be rented.if u would contact me by phone I would greatly appreciate it thank u..... my phone number is 5737175707
See this property: 702 KENNETT ST, KENNETT, MO
amanda flint Thu Feb 26, 15 20:01:40
Used to live in this house as a child...not sure how it is now, but it was absolutely haunted when I lived there. Woke up one night to a white figure floating above my bed. Could always hear voices in the basement. My mom was in the house by herself one day & a figure ran past her in the kitchen & disappeared into the wall. There was another night when she woke up from her sleep to the feeling of a presence pushing down on her & she couldn't move. There was another instance where my sister was in the kitchen doing dishes & felt a hand run up her back, but no one was there. We've always been very interested in the history of this house, but have never been able to find any information. We often wonder if anyone else has had any paranormal experiences there.
See this property: 331 S. HARDESTY, KANSAS CITY, MO
Cindy Van Maele Sun Feb 08, 15 16:12:04
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State of Missouri
Flag of Missouri State seal of Missouri
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): The Show-Me State (unofficial)
Motto(s): Salus populi suprema lex esto (Latin)
before statehood, known as
the Missouri Territory
Map of the United States with Missouri highlighted
Official language(s) English
Demonym Missourian
Capital Jefferson City
Largest city Kansas City
Largest metro area Greater St Louis Area[1]
Area  Ranked 21st in the US
 - Total 69,704 sq mi
(180,533 km2)
 - Width 240 miles (385 km)
 - Length 300 miles (480 km)
 - % water 1.17
 - Latitude 36° N to 40° 37′ N
 - Longitude 89° 6′ W to 95° 46′ W
Population  Ranked 18th in the US
 - Total 5,911,605 (2008 est.) [2]
5,595,211 (2000)
 - Density 85.3/sq mi  (32.95/km2)
Ranked 28th in the US
 - Median income  $45,114 (37st)
 - Highest point Taum Sauk Mountain[3]
1,772 ft  (540 m)
 - Mean 800 ft  (240 m)
 - Lowest point St. Francis River[3]
230 ft  (70 m)
Admission to Union  August 10, 1821 (24th)
Governor Jay Nixon (D)
Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R)
U.S. Senators Kit Bond (R)
Claire McCaskill (D)
U.S. House delegation 5 Republicans, 4 Democrats (list)
Time zone Central : UTC-6/-5
Abbreviations MO US-MO
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