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Country Club Hills, ILLINOIS

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Country Club Hills, Illinois
County: Cook
Township: Bremen
Mayor: Dwight Welch
ZIP code(s): 60478
Area code(s): 708
Population (2000): 16,169
Density: 3,504.4/mi² (1,354.2/km²)
Area: 4.6 mi² (11.9 km²)
Per capita income: $21,561
(median: $57,701)
Home value: $123,281 (2000)
(median: $107,500)
White Black Hispanic Asian
14.51% 81.90% 1.73% 1.01%
Islander Native Other
0.00% 0.15% 0.54%
41.562107°N 87.720844°W / 41.562107; -87.720844 (Country Club Hills, Illinois)41.562107°N 87.720844°W / 41.562107; -87.720844 (Country Club Hills, Illinois)

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