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Does my mom Anna Lee walker still have this property? S
See this property: 30450 BOULDER RD, PARMA, ID
Ramona Ann Waters Sat May 12, 18 14:10:32
Nothing major but did find this.
See this property: 1719 3RD ST S, NAMPA, ID
Mike Tue Feb 27, 18 22:39:10
Hi Danielle, I tried emailing you about a year ago about the house on Gemstone but got no response. I am the person that wrote the post about feeling a sense of evil on that property. Maybe your email has changed?
See this property: 2876 GEMSTONE DR, MERIDIAN, ID
Kim Sun Nov 27, 16 23:17:57
1964 S 2100 E, GOODING, IDAHO
Hi. I'm wanting to know about this property? Is this still for sale? Or is it going to be auctioned off? please contact me Thank's Sherry
See this property: 1964 S 2100 E, GOODING, ID
Sherry Fuqua Mon Mar 14, 16 23:34:14
1964 S 2100 E, GOODING, IDAHO
Hi. I'm wanting to know about this property? Is this still for sale? Or is it going to be auctioned off? Thank's Sherry
See this property: 1964 S 2100 E, GOODING, ID
Sherry Fuqua Mon Mar 14, 16 23:30:49
This property is wasting away. What all is wrong with it. Why will they not rent it. I can't buy it. I would like to care for it. Plz let me know. Thank you.
See this property: 9234 N. BAACK ST, HAYDEN, ID
!eslie Sat May 16, 15 15:01:24
915 E Antilles ct. Does anyone have any information about this property? This is our dream home, perfect in every way except for a strange, uncomfortable energy throughout the home, mostly upstairs. If anyone within the residence is angry, sad, having a bad day or even slightly upset, the energy gets 10X more intense. My family and friends have been seeing something black, out of the corner of there eye. If we don't pray and or play Christian music daily...cupboards and doors start making noise. Noises of all sorts start happening down stairs.
See this property: ANTILLES, MERIDIAN, ID
Rachel Thu May 07, 15 03:05:03
I wide like to see your house on 116patton St my ls nachol Barrett you change call me at 208 5501634
See this property: 116 PATTON ST, MARSING, ID
nachol barrett Mon Apr 27, 15 17:14:53
Does anyone have any info about the history of 1718 w Spaulding st Boise id 83705? I have heard of one fire but don't know the details or anything else about the history aside from no one will stay there long
See this property: 1718 SPAULDING, BOISE, ID
amanda Sun Apr 19, 15 03:33:50
2586 W 7200 N, PRESTON, IDAHO
Home is 1479 sq ft. Built in 1937 added onto in 1995. Last appraisal 7/2014 at 137k. Property taxes 689. 3bd/1.75ba. .94 acre lot. Fully fenced, horse property. Tack shed, huge shop, recently remodeled, brand new solar/ electric forced heat and central air.
See this property: 2586 W 7200 N, PRESTON, ID
Crystal Vilas Fri Feb 06, 15 03:22:21
Hey, if anyone knows anything about this property, specifically the history of the home please email me.
See this property: 1719 3RD ST S, NAMPA, ID
sadie Tue Nov 18, 14 20:15:13
Hello, my names Danielle. I'm 25 and lately I've been having thoughts about my late father as I learn more and more about paranormal activity. My dad commited suicide on the property of 2876 gemstone dr. in meridian, when I was 8, in 1997. This comment you posted made me cry. I've been increasingly interested in finding anyone who might have had an experience or felt anything there since my family moved away after his passing.. If you'd like to talk my email is
See this property: 2876 GEMSTONE DR, MERIDIAN, ID
Danielle Wed Nov 12, 14 16:23:46
Anyone know the history of this house? I got a very bad feeling the second I stepped on the driveway of this house while home shopping this summer. There was a presence of evil or something unsettling. I told a friend and she went by the home and also got an unsettling feeling. We looked inside and it's floors and walls were torn up, then upstairs there is what appears to be a pool of blood that ran down the stairs! The neighbors said the owner died and the previous owner also. This house definitely seems haunted!
See this property: 2876 GEMSTONE DR, MERIDIAN, ID
Anonymous Sun Oct 19, 14 12:59:44
there are some strange knocks on the bathroom door and also on the walls and doors closing and opening by them selfs and a shadow walking to the laundry room from the bathroom and at night feel somebody sit by the side of my bed feets 1543 Normal Ave Burley Idaho 83318
See this property: 1543, BURLEY, ID
hilda alvarado Sun Oct 12, 14 00:38:03
The owner of this houses is a scammer whose telephone number is 2084391535. Victimizes a lot of people online. Be careful cos he had this bait on this site too
See this property: 2720 N CAMDEN PL, BOISE, ID
DSfas Tue Sep 23, 14 17:46:17
I am interested in this property. I found that it has gone into default and then Deutsche bank has it now and can't find any information on it. I would like to get information on the proses of buying a house that has gone over to a bank. thanks, patty
See this property: 20569 N PINEHURST ST, RATHDRUM, ID
patty handley Sun Sep 21, 14 04:58:17
I am the current owner of this property. We are preparing the home for sale and hope to have it on the market, soon. It is an older home, but the view and street appeal of this home make it very marketable. We just enjoyed watching three buck Mule deer in the backyard this morning! We are in need of relocation to be caregivers for my elderly mother.
See this property: 16 TOPONCE, POCATELLO, ID
Larry Kohntopp Mon Sep 15, 14 23:35:40
I designed and built this house. It is an awesome house with great views. I also did all the landscaping back then and it has really grown up. I think the people that bought the house still live there almost 20 years later. That makes me happy because I know they must have been happy with the house. It was a big project for me to tackle and be the contracter I had a super guy Dan Beste and his crew plus awesome sub-contractors. Only $4000 over budget and complete on time for all building permits and building loans. My marriage survived. After all that work I was happy to sell make a profit and move back to California. I a now lazy and can't believe I ever had the energy and determination but I was in my 30's and driven. In my 50's I take naps. I a glad I did it once. But not again. I hope the house is still standing in 200 years that would be sort of exciting. I think it will because if was very well built.
See this property: 314 SWEETBRIER DR., HAILEY, ID
Holly James Thu Jul 24, 14 19:17:53
Current residents complain of spirits and paranormal activity. Some spirits are friendly and others are not. Sprinkling holy water has helped temporarily.
See this property: 3541 PEPPERWOOD, BOISE, ID
ghosthuntercliwa Fri Jul 04, 14 13:25:24
I spent 2 1/2 months trying to buy this house (#251) and it was a nightmare. U S Bank had listed it for sale in April and signed a buyer/seller agreement with me 4/24. I found out it doesn't have a clear title and won't until 7/15. They wanted me to sign a cancellation form and I wouldn't until it "mysteriously" flooded and the bank wouldn't do anything about it. That the carpet and flooring were ruined and i'm sure there's lots of mold in it by now. I signed the form because I can't afford to buy it and pay thousands to fix the water damage. I loved that little house and I felt like it was meant for me. Banks are the scourge of the earth and the ruination of our country's economy! Stay away from bank owned, especially U S Bank, and REO! !
See this property: 1100 BURNETT, NAMPA, ID
Phyllis Couch Sat Jun 28, 14 01:13:46
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State of Idaho
Flag of Idaho State seal of Idaho
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Gem State, Spud State
Motto(s): Esto perpetua
before statehood, known as
the Idaho Territory
Map of the United States with Idaho highlighted
Official language(s) English
Demonym Idahoan
Capital Boise
Largest city Boise
Largest metro area Boise metropolitan area
Area  Ranked 14th in the US
 - Total 83,642 sq mi
(216,632 km2)
 - Width 305 miles (491 km)
 - Length 479 miles (771 km)
 - % water 0.98
 - Latitude 42° N to 49° N
 - Longitude 111°03′ W to 117°15′ W
Population  Ranked 39th in the US
 - Total 1,523,816 (2008 est.)[1]
1,293,953 (2000)
 - Density 15.64/sq mi  (6.04/km2)
Ranked 44th in the US
 - Highest point Borah Peak[2]
12,668 ft  (3,862 m)
 - Mean 5,000 ft  (1,524 m)
 - Lowest point Snake River[2]
710 ft  (217 m)
Admission to Union  July 3, 1890 (43rd)
Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter (R)
Lieutenant Governor Brad Little (R)
U.S. Senators Mike Crapo (R)
Jim Risch (R)
U.S. House delegation 1-Walt Minnick (D)
2-Mike Simpson (R) (list)
Time zones  
 - north of Salmon River Pacific: UTC−8/−7
 - remainder Mountain: UTC−7/−6
Abbreviations ID US-ID
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