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Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Current Time:
Sep 01 12:50 AM
Local Zipcodes:
6608, 6604, 6610, 6605, 6606, 6607, 6602
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Providence, New York, Paterson, Hartford, Elizabeth, Jersey City, Yonkers, Worcester, Newark, Stamford, Springfield, New Haven
FBI Crime statistics:
total number of crimes: 8162
murder (16) < 1%
rape (69) < 1%
robbery (608) 7%
assault (1217) 14%
burglary (1266) 15%
larceny (2876) 34%
vehicletheft (2110) 25%
arson (161) 1%
University Of Bridgeport

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City of Bridgeport
—  City  —


Nickname(s): The Park City, The Port, B-Port, BPT
Location in Fairfield County
Coordinates: 41°11′11″N 73°11′44″W / 41.18639°N 73.19556°W / 41.18639; -73.19556
Country United States
State Connecticut
County Fairfield
NECTA Bridgeport-Stamford
Region Greater Bridgeport
Incorporated (town) 1821
Incorporated (city) 1836
 - Type Mayor-council
 - Mayor Bill Finch
 - City 19.4 sq mi (50.2 km2)
 - Land 16.0 sq mi (41.4 km2)
 - Water 3.4 sq mi (8.8 km2)
 - Urban 465.3 sq mi (1,205 km2)
Elevation 3 ft (1 m)
Population (2006)[1]
 - City 137,912
 - Density 8,720.9/sq mi (3,354/km2)
 - Metro 902,775
Time zone Eastern (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) Eastern (UTC-4)
ZIP code 066xx
Area code(s) 203
FIPS code 09-08000
GNIS feature ID 0205720
41.18631°N 73.19620°W / 41.18631; -73.19620 (Bridgeport, Connecticut)41.18631°N 73.19620°W / 41.18631; -73.19620 (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

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Its Haunted.
See this property: 1242 STATE, BRIDGEPORT, CT
j shoffner Fri Dec 12, 14 11:09:28
1336 Park Avenue in Bpt.Ct.:This house is most certainly haunted. Hi,my name is printed above and I always wondered if anyone after we left has experienced cold spots,pets behaving oddly(our dogs have barked feverishly at invisible things around midnight to 4 or 5 am. My mother has been choked by an invisible force in her bed,I was assaulted and knocked off the sofa in the living room of the first floor apartment. We had many occasions when our blankets were pulled off our beds as we slept,being poked on the forehead as we slept,toes being pulled and pitch blackness when waking in the middle of the night and not being able to see where you were walking in the bedrooms.Many odd things like losing keys and finding them in the refrigerator or in the pantry when no one had gone there with them. The basement,especially the right side of it always had a negative feel to it and when going up the stairs you always feel like running because it felt like you were being followed by something...something angry. Years later,my siblings told me how they always felt like that and that was exciting because I HAD NEVER TOLD ANYONE ABOUT WHAT I FELT. We even have photographs of a "smokey" figure shaped like a man in the dining room.I heard rumors that a man hanged himself in the basement but I was never able to find out if that was true. The only way to find out the history of this 1920's home is to go downtown and access the archives at the old Bridgeport Library. It is unknown if the upstairs tenants experienced paranormal activity but rest assured that whatever it was,it did not follow us to our respective individual new addresses. I would not recommend buying this house if you planned to live there and definitely do not recommend renting if you value peace and tranquility in the home as the negative energy has a profound effect on peoples mood.This is definitely something unfriendly!
See this property: 1336 PARK AVENUE, BRIDGEPORT, CT
J.L.Sanchez Fri Dec 05, 14 00:49:51
i lived here for many years 2 years to be exact and when i heard a lady in the attic hung herself i moved away. this house is haunted only in the attic i don't recommend it.
See this property: 327 BROAD ST, BRIDGEPORT, CT
lizzy taylor Wed May 14, 14 20:08:13
Please help! It has been brought to my attention that there is suppposidly a dog locked up outside with a little grate at the bottom where this dog eats pees and poops. allegedly the owner hoses this locker looking box with cold hose water while the dog is inside this make shift crate. I along with many others who are against cruelty to animals were shown a pic with this address and to call the police dept and and the town to try and get this dog released. Would you know anything of this alledged situation. I am not accusing anyone but would like to know if infact what was for me to see with a pic is true. I thank you for your time. God bless
See this property: 735 FRENCHTOWN ROAD, BRIDGEPORT, CT
Catherine Tue Feb 18, 14 21:01:24
This house feels haunted.
See this property: 96 ANSON ST, BRIDGEPORT, CT
Lisa Sun Sep 01, 13 20:58:15
i need more information for this home?
See this property: 30 32 ST STEPHEN ST, BRIDGEPORT, CT
RAULCASTILLO Thu Feb 14, 13 20:33:39
hello i am trying to find a previous tennant of 260 harlem avenue, she is my grandma olive waite.origanally from jamaica, she was aka olive hardy and olive nelson, i live and, was born in the UK. i never saw my grandma, my grandma was living there, and the last we heard from her she was living in the above mentioned property, thus this was back in the 1980s. i know its a long shot but if you have any info, it would really be appreciated. as we are trying to trace our family, many thanks. mr nelson
See this property: 260 HARLEM AVENUE, BRIDGEPORT, CT
andrew nelson Sun Jan 20, 13 13:55:54
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