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Tracy, California

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Current Time:
Aug 29 02:55 PM
Local Zipcodes:
95376, 95304, 95391, 95377
Area Codes:
Nearby Cities:
Modesto, Concord, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Salinas, Hayward, Fremont, Sacramento, Vallejo, Sunnyvale, Santa Rosa, Stockton
FBI Crime statistics:
total number of crimes: 2214
murder (0) 0%
rape (16) < 1%
robbery (36) 1%
assault (78) 3%
burglary (361) 16%
larceny (1437) 64%
vehicletheft (286) 12%
arson (24) 1%

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Tracy, California
Tracy, Town
—  City  —
Nickname(s): T-Town
Location in San Joaquin County and the state of California
Coordinates: 37°44′17″N 121°26′2″W / 37.73806°N 121.43389°W / 37.73806; -121.43389
Country United States
State California
County San Joaquin
 - Mayor Brent Ives
 - Senate Lois Wolk (D)
 - Assembly Cathleen Galgiani (D)
 - U. S. Congress Jerry McNerney (D)
 - Total 21 sq mi (54.4 km2)
 - Land 21 sq mi (54.4 km2)
 - Water 0 sq mi (0 km2)
Elevation 52 ft (16 m)
Population (2009)
 - Total 81,714
 - Density 2,710.9/sq mi (1,046.5/km2)
Time zone Pacific (PST) (UTC-8)
 - Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP codes 95304, 95376-95378, 95385, 95391
Area code(s) 209
FIPS code 06-80238
GNIS feature ID 0277621
37.737979°N 121.433857°W / 37.737979; -121.433857 (Tracy, California)37.737979°N 121.433857°W / 37.737979; -121.433857 (Tracy, California)

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She is crazy. She pretends to be all nice at first,not long before she goes apeshit on everyone she meets. I found that she is the queen of filing frivolous lawsuits. Many many of them. Psychopath. Do not rent her mobile home or move near her. Will regret it.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
B C. Sun Aug 02, 15 20:37:33
Sounds like a complete mental case. Thanks for all of the warnings.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Mayor Fri Jul 24, 15 02:06:03
Whoever owns this m property needs to do an inspection ASAP. It is a disaster. The renters are not caring for the front and rear yards. The interior must be a mess also. Wow.
See this property: 1192 ANNAMARIE LN, TRACY, CA
Dan Castro Mon Jul 20, 15 20:54:44
We live over on Redondo, 2 blocks from this Sue Beck lunatic on La Paz, here in Tracy and we have heard nothing but horror stories about her the past few years. The bats won't even fly over her house, she's so evil. My friends were victimized by her for quite some time over nothing! I support all of these other claims about this person.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Neighbor Sat Jul 04, 15 16:59:16
Oh ya. Sue beck done be crazy. She need to be behind bars. She lies, steals, yells, screams and threatens. She off her rocker. Stay clear o her fo sure.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Resident Tue Jun 30, 15 01:19:57
Oh yeah. Can't believe it, sounds like she's still around. Surprised someone hasn't knocked her off for her rude, mean hearted, malicious and dysfunctional behavior. My next door neighbors had a horrible experience with this woman, Sue Beck. It wasn't long before most people on currier and la Paz here in Tracy CA understood how mentally ill she really is. She has nothing more than destroyed an entire neighborhood with her mean hearted evil soul. I don't think this woman has the ability to be nice to anyone. I'm glad that this is circulating on the Tracy Facebook. People need to know to stay clear. I do also believe she is dangerous as another post stated. This is a great area of Tracy CA, horrible if you live within a block of her.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Ex neighbor Sun Jun 28, 15 19:40:28
Glad this showed up on our city Facebook page. I'm sure that this is the nut case that moved from Danville to Tracy CA a few years back. Wow she's crazier than crazy. I wouldn't move within 4 blocks of her. She victimized a friend of mine that lived in her mobile home in her property. La Paz and currier , I do not even know where to begin with the stories. Probably the darkest person I have ever heard of. She likes to yell and scream at people, and she lies like a sailor. I never met her, but I would definitely say to stay away from her by all means. I believe she is actually very dangerous and is just looking for another victim as we speak. Just stay away from 23068 currier and her la Paz residence. Horrible person. Crazy. Lunatic. - vey concerned citizen here.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Friend of a victim/tenant Fri Jun 26, 15 01:20:47
I'd be very cautious of the woman that lives at 15820 La Paz street, here in Tracy Ca. Her name is Sue Beck. She will cause problems with anyone that's willing to give her 5 minutes of their attention. Complete psychopath! She's sued the neighbors over some trees that she cut down. Yeah - She lost big time. She has ruthlessly harassed every tenant in her small mobile home that's behind her main house. Our attorney has researched her and found that she has liens on her property from various contractors. I'm sure they left the scene when they got a whiff of her evil, nutty and dark ways. Many people have actually moved from this quaint neighborhood, just because they were so scared of what she'd do next. If anyone has any more stories about her (I'm sure there's more out there) I'd love to hear them. I think she should pay for the damages that she has caused people. I'd support anyone who has a claim against her.
See this property: LA PAZ, TRACY, CA
former neighbor Tue Jun 23, 15 13:31:15
Funny that we ran across comments for this nutty woman. Her name is Sue Beck. Lives on la Paz, but rents out the trailer behind her on currier. Beware of her. She has some very deep mental issues. I'm surprised we don't see the 6 o'clock news talking about her. She is ruthless. If she doesn't like you, she'll make your life a living hell. She should be sued for all she's worth. She's so mean to all of her neighbors. She's literally bizzare. She's a narcissist and a true con artist. I knew a few stories from someone she sued, but it all backfired on her. I could go on and on about her. Looking foreword to seeing other comments. I hope she burns in hell someday.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Friend of a neighbor Mon Jun 22, 15 01:57:17
I support the claim in the comment above. The woman that owns this property is con artist. She looks like she is harmless but a wolf in sheeps clothing. She has had several problems with neighbors and many are afraid of her. Some have even moved including the ones she sued and lost. She had some tenants there a few years ago and the woman was pregnant. She ruthlessly kicked them out and looked to be harrasing from what I could see. Please think twice if you are renting or will be buying here in the neighborhood if you are anywhere near her property.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Former Neighbor Sun May 03, 15 22:13:26
As of july 21, 2014, the TRUE owners of this property should know that the woman and her son who are renting this house from them are subletting EVERY room of this house out. Their loud parties and cops showing up practically every night are ruining our once quiet neighborhood. Add to that the pit bulls they have which are always getting loose. We can o longer even let our children play outside due to the type of people constantly partying in their open garage.
See this property: 792 LONGFELLOW, TRACY, CA
concerned neighbors Thu Jul 24, 14 09:42:09
The woman that owns this home and rents it out is crazy. She cuts down neighbors trees and then sues them. She lost the lawsuit as she should and she actually was found to be at fault. Word to the wise do not trust anything this woman says. Her looks are deceiving. Neighborhood does not like to engage with her.
See this property: 23068 CURRIER DRIVE, TRACY, CA
Neighbor Mon Jul 21, 14 11:00:32
As of 06/27/2013 the current tennats still have about 2 years left on their lease at this property.
See this property: 260 EDGEWOOD CT, TRACY, CA
ray Fri Jun 28, 13 05:02:38
im looking for property value in january or february 2012
See this property: 23050 HANSEN ROAD, TRACY, CA
pete moyer Mon Jul 30, 12 14:11:41
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